Canadian Made

This podcast will take you behind the scenes of the Canadian film and television industry. Each week we talk to an industry professional to discover how things get made and the people who make them.


How to go from PA to showrunner with Karen McClellan
Show Details43min 25s
Remembering Jean-Marc Vallée
Show Details20min 4s
How to succeed as an actor with Kristian Bruun
Show Details59min 21s
When do you need an entertainment lawyer with Molly Lewis
Show Details31min 10s
How to make a short film with minimal funding with Mark Bethune
Show Details28min 13s
How to produce a hit unscripted series with The Great Canadian Baking Show's Showrunner, Mark Van de Ven
Show Details44min 36s
Ever wanted to work in development? Find out how with a Director of Scripted Development
Show Details39min 54s