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Can I Steal You for a Second?

An entertainment podcast covering all things Bachelor Nation, from The Bachelor, Bachelorette and its spinoffs to the latest gossip and Instagram stories from past contestants, hosted by FanSided staffers Ashley Young and Natalie Zamora.


Mike Johnson Talks The Bachelorette & Love During the Holidays
Show Details21min 20s
Michelle Says the "L" Word and is Down to Her Final 2 (The Bachelorette Ep 9)
Show Details25min 36s
Breaking Down Hometowns and Clayton's Controversial Bachelor Poster (The Bachelorette Ep 7)
Show Details25min 31s
We're Down to the Final Four: Are We Impressed? (The Bachelorette Ep 6)
Show Details28min 21s
Tyler Cameron Talks Dating in New York City & More: Interview
Show Details6min 54s
Chris S. is Wrecking Havoc: Do We Love it or Hate it? (The Bachelorette Ep 4)
Show Details26min 38s
This Contestant is the Biggest Red Flag Ever (The Bachelorette Ep 3)
Show Details25min 47s
Michelle is Bachelorette We All Needed (The Bachelorette Premiere)
Show Details34min 42s
Three Engagements and an Unexpected Return (Bachelor in Paradise Finale)
Show Details29min 5s
Three Hours of Drama and Prom! (Bachelor in Paradise Ep 10)
Show Details32min 16s
The Calm Before the Storm (Bachelor in Paradise Ep 9)
Show Details26min 38s
We're Fully Into the Mess Now (Bachelor in Paradise Ep 8)
Show Details52min 24s
Here for the Absolute Worst Reasons (Bachelor in Paradise Ep 6 & 7)
Show Details32min 37s
Was This the Most Dramatic Week of Bachelor in Paradise Ever? (Ep 4 & 5)
Show Details49min 40s
Connor is a Mess and We Love Lance Bass (Bachelor in Paradise Ep 2 & 3)
Show Details43min 6s
We're Finally Back at Paradise! (Bachelor in Paradise Episode 1)
Show Details31min 46s
An Engagement and a Confrontation (The Bachelorette Finale)
Show Details37min 45s
Hometowns and Greg's Meltdown (The Bachelorette Episode 9)
Show Details37min 10s
We Now Have Our Final Four (The Bachelorette Episode 7)
Show Details32min 33s
Things Are Getting Real (The Bachelorette Episode 6)
Show Details31min 6s
Katie is an Absolute Legend (The Bachelorette Episode 4)
Show Details37min 10s
More Drama and More Trauma (The Bachelorette Episode 3)
Show Details36min 22s
The Villain and Frontrunner Are Here (The Bachelorette Episode 2)
Show Details42min 16s
Matt Deserved Better and So Did We (The Bachelor Finale)
Show Details35min 25s
And We're Down to the Final Two (The Bachelor Episode 10)
Show Details27min 39s
The Women Tell All Brings Back the Drama (The Bachelor Episode 9)
Show Details36min 49s
We Made it to Hometowns! (The Bachelor Episode 8)
Show Details36min 45s
Chris Harrison Steps Down and Hometowns Are Coming (The Bachelor Episode 7)
Show Details42min 49s
Surprise Appearances and Eliminations (The Bachelor Episode 6)
Show Details37min 5s
Too Much Cattiness and Not Enough Connections (The Bachelor Episode 5)
Show Details38min 4s
The Drama Has Crossed the Line (The Bachelor Episode 4)
Show Details35min 28s
Did Sarah Become the New Villain? (The Bachelor Episode 3)
Show Details39min 27s
Victoria is the Villain and Matt Kisses With His Eyes Open (The Bachelor Episode 2)
Show Details42min 42s
Matt James is Nervous and Charming in The Bachelor Premiere
Show Details41min 4s
We Choose Tayshia Forever (The Bachelorette Finale)
Show Details46min 32s
Mike Johnson talks Tayshia and Hometowns (The Bachelorette Episode 10)
Show Details44min 16s
How Do You Talk About Trauma on Reality TV? (The Bachelorette Episode 9)
Show Details39min 36s
Honesty and Art School (The Bachelorette Episode 8)
Show Details47min 37s
The Rise of Ivan (The Bachelorette Episode 7)
Show Details46min 32s
Man Child vs. Wolverine (The Bachelorette Episode 6)
Show Details42min 26s
It's Tayshia Time! (The Bachelorette Episode 5)
Show Details49min 25s
Love Shows Up for Clare (The Bachelorette Episode 4)
Show Details43min 58s
Dale Turns Heel, Gets Roasted (The Bachelorette Episode 3)
Show Details46min 36s
Is Clare Here for the Right Reasons? (The Bachelorette S16E2)
Show Details41min 5s
Your DM Drama is Boring (Bachelorette Season 16 Premiere)
Show Details39min
From Duds to Dale: Introducing Clare's Suitors (Bachelorette Preview Episode)
Show Details1hr 1min
Mike Johnson would absolutely date a fan (Special Interview Episode)
Show Details27min 7s
Tyler C. can't wait to roast new Bach Matt (Special Interview Episode)
Show Details13min 3s
Dustin Kendrick on Bachelor diversity and Matt James (Special Episode)
Show Details34min 17s
The Bachelor Must Do Better (Greatest Seasons Ever Premiere)
Show Details42min 30s
High Notes and Happy Endings (LTYH Finale)
Show Details48min 8s
The Bachelor is Far From the Shallow Now (LTYH Episode 5)
Show Details56min 10s
Monsters and Mutually Assured Destruction (LTYH Episode 4)
Show Details49min 40s
Cat Fights and Stage Fright (LTYH Episode 3)
Show Details51min 16s
Finding Love in a Guitar Center (LTYH Episode 2)
Show Details52min 4s
Listen to Your Heart / When Bach Calls to You (LTYH Episode 1)
Show Details47min 45s
Netflix's Most Slept-On Phenomenon (Money Heist Special Episode)
Show Details43min 43s
Hello, All You Cool Cats and Kittens (Tiger King Special Episode)
Show Details43min 6s
Tannah and the Tiger King (For Fans Of Special Episode)
Show Details44min 28s
How to Get Cast on The Bachelor (Special Interview Episode)
Show Details41min 8s
Peter’s Happily (?) Ever After (The Bachelor Finale Episode)
Show Details59min 39s
Goodbye Peter Drama, Hello Clare (The Bachelor Episode 10 - Women Tell All)
Show Details41min 27s
Love is a Trainwreck (Love is Blind Special Episode)
Show Details1hr 17min
Madison's Mad Mandate (The Bachelor Episode 9 - Fantasy Suites)
Show Details46min 54s
The Best Bachelor Theories About Peter's Season (Special Episode)
Show Details28min 26s
Hometowns and Smokeshows (The Bachelor Episode 8)
Show Details57min 47s
How to Marry a Bachelorette Contestant (The Bachelor Episode 7)
Show Details52min 22s
Attention: Tyler C. Sleeps Naked (The Bachelor Episode 6)
Show Details52min 13s
Honey, Rule Are Meant to Be Broken (The Bachelor Episode 5)
Show Details59min 40s
She Doesn't Even Go Here (The Bachelor Episode 4)
Show Details31min 56s
A Linger-y Finasco (The Bachelor Episode 3)
Show Details48min 9s
A Face Full of Champagne (The Bachelor Episode 2)
Show Details43min 22s
Cheaters Win and Hannah Returns (The Bachelor Premiere Episode)
Show Details35min 46s
Can She Milk a Pig? (The Bachelor Preview Episode)
Show Details59min 50s