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Campus Crime Chronicles

A true crime podcast, hosted by a college professor and administrator, focusing on crimes committed on school campuses or crimes that are somehow associated with colleges and universities.


Chronicle 40: "From Friend to Foe"
Show Details27min 12s
Chronicle 39: "Ally's Story - A Tragedy of Shakespearean Proportions"
Show Details28min 11s
Chronicle 38: "The Disappearance of Cindy Song"
Show Details27min 37s
Chronicle 37: "Bakery v. College"
Show Details45min 35s
Chronicle 36: "Walking Alone: The Murder of Haruka Weiser"
Show Details29min 32s
Show Details4min 2s
Chronicle 35: "Bombers on the Run - Murder at MIT"
Show Details37min 21s
Chronicle 34 - Part 2: "Murder in Laramie: Matthew's Story"
Show Details27min 37s
Chronicle 34 - Part 1: "Murder in Laramie: Matthew's Story"
Show Details28min 4s
Chronicle 33: "Tinder Match Gone Wrong"
Show Details33min 12s
Chronicle 32: "Never Forgotten: The Jackson State Shootings"
Show Details32min 43s
Chronicle 31: "The Kent State Shootings"
Show Details30min 22s
Chronicle 30: "Murder at a House Party"
Show Details41min 27s
Chronicle 29: "Seeking Justice for Anita"
Show Details24min 5s
Chronicle 28: "Academic Espionage"
Show Details27min 24s
Chronicle 27: "Lauren's Last Night"
Show Details38min 1s
Chronicle 26: "And Then She was Gone"
Show Details39min 51s
Chronicle 25: "Where IS he? The Disappearance of Brian Shaffer"
Show Details43min 18s
Chronicle 24: "A Roommate's Revenge"
Show Details34min
Chronicle 23: "Killer Turned Professor"
Show Details32min 33s
Chronicle 22: "Silent Killings"
Show Details37min 12s
Chronicle 21: "Slayings at Stanford"
Show Details40min
Chronicle 20: "Professor of Arson"
Show Details22min 3s
Chronicle 19: #WhatHappenedtoJelaniDay
Show Details54min 16s
Chronicle 18: "A Mother's Breaking Point"
Show Details21min 34s
Chronicle 17: "He Said, She Said"
Show Details48min
Chronicle 16: "Who Shot Bryan Pata?"
Show Details42min 21s
Chronicle 15: "The Wrong Car"
Show Details32min 51s
Chronicle 14: "Florida State Slayings"
Show Details34min 25s
Chronicle 13: "Stalked By a Student"
Show Details24min 26s
Chronicle 12: "A Deadly Carjacking... and Some Other Murders"
Show Details35min 45s
Chronicle 11: "Texas Tower of Terror"
Show Details41min 38s
Chronicle 10: "A Killing Kept Secret"
Show Details26min 4s
Chronicle 9 (Part Two): "Senseless Murder of Boredom"
Show Details33min 56s
Chronicle 9 (Part One): "Senseless Murder of Boredom"
Show Details20min 31s
Chronicle 8: "Misadventures of the Drunken Kind"
Show Details18min 45s
Chronicle 7: "Unprovoked Attack"
Show Details23min 53s
Chronicle 6: "The Side Door"
Show Details38min 30s
Chronicle 5: The Virginia Tech Massacre
Show Details37min 39s
Chronicle 4: "Murder of a Third-Generation Military Man"
Show Details24min 28s
Chronicle 3: "Somebody has to Know Something"
Show Details22min 2s
Chronicle 2 (Part Two): "When a Cry for Help wasn't Enough"
Show Details30min
Chronicle 1: "Easy Unlawful Entry"
Show Details24min 3s
Chronicle 2 (Part One): "When a Cry for Help wasn't Enough"
Show Details20min 56s
Show Details1min 58s