Part 2: Further Words of Advice from Max Ivey | EP 9 (Pt.2) (S2, EP 4)

Season 2 | Episode 4
24m | Jun 8, 2020

The thrilling conclusion of the Max Ivey saga. Did he die? Or did we just feel like splitting this episode in half? I suppose you'll have to listen in to find out. (Just kidding, Max is doing just fine, thank you very much.)


Need a refresher? Here's the description from part 1:

Max Ivey is literally the coolest guy ever-- and even better, he's also blind. He's so cool in fact, that we couldn't fit our interview into just one episode; it had to be split in half. Listen to the story of the blind entrepreneur who owns his own amusement park/carnival ride distribution company and how he is able to find positivity in his difficult life.


About Max:

I’m a totally blind man who transformed himself from a morbidly obese failed carnival owner to a respected amusement equipment broker in the best health of his life. Along the way, I learned so many new skills and so much about myself. In addition to brokering amusement equipment, I am now an award-winning self-help author, entertaining motivational speaker, life goals coach, and online media publicist. I also love to sing and mix music with my public talks. And I host a podcast called The What’s Your Excuse? Show, where me and my guests help others become the person they were meant to become.


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