Dove and Dragon Radio with host M.L.Ruscsak and guest Daniel Dluzneski

38m | May 15, 2023

M.L. Ruscscak and Daniel Dluzneski discussed the importance of using plain language for school drills, the need for multiple layers of security, and the use of implicit memory training for teachers. They also discussed the need for upgraded doors and windows, and the use of a lobby to control access to the school.

M.L. Ruscscak and Daniel Dluzneski discussed the importance of running lockdown drills more often and correctly, as well as the need for bulletproof glass and other security measures to protect staff and students. They also discussed the importance of reference cards to help people remember steps during chaotic situations.

Daniel Dluzneski discusses the importance of safety for teachers and administrators in emergency situations, advocating for special resource officers in schools and the removal of phones from classrooms to prevent swatting events and airdrops of threats. He also mentioned his book, "The First Five Minutes", which is a school shooting survival guide for administrators and teachers.

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