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South and The City

Take a trip down I-95 and back again with co-hosts Samori and Tony on “South and the City,” an unscripted podcast of two fraternity brothers' experiences, perspectives, and cultural influences. On this podcast, Samori and Tony discuss a collection of stories, share tips, and offer unpopular but damn good opinions. Take a listen to the varied perspectives of two millennial black men from, pun intended, the south and the city! Episodes are release every Monday.

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26. Just Checking In
Show Details41min 8s
25. Where is God?
Show Details49min 23s
24. Dazed & Confused
Show Details39min 15s
23. Cancel Them, Joe!
Show Details49min 27s
22. It's Not That Deep
Show Details46min 31s
21. Is it in the Budget?
Show Details46min 49s
20. Pro-Black?
Show Details55min 11s
19. Brunch Boots and Turtlenecks
Show Details48min 23s
18. The Godly Hour
Show Details37min 5s
17. MEN-tally Im here.
Show Details1hr 6min
16. Please, Turn Location Sharing Off...
Show Details1hr 6min
15. A Warm Southern Embrace.
Show Details1hr 10min
14. A Case of the Mondays.
Show Details57min 24s
13. Basement Bums
Show Details53min 40s
12. It's Not Me, It's You.
Show Details1hr 13min
11. The Gift That Keeps Giving.
Show Details1hr 3min
10. Chicago Pizza Sucks.
Show Details1hr 7min
9. The Pope Said I Could...
Show Details1hr 19min
8. Stuffing or Dressing?
Show Details1hr 4min
7. Throw Away The Key
Show Details53min 57s
6. Are You a Side Chick?
Show Details1hr 10min
5. No Birkenstocks in Court
Show Details1hr 37min
4. Here to Learn
Show Details49min 58s
3. Just Say No to Drugs
Show Details1hr 27min
2. Carrot Cake
Show Details44min 48s
1. My Brother and Me
Show Details41min 43s
0. Introducing "South and The City"
Show Details45s