Take The Cake with Kate Noel

Welcome to Take The Cake! This podcast is about all things related to honest health and wellness, eating disorder recovery, lifestyle, food and beyond. I want to share my personal experience along with interviewing amazing quests to inspire you to be the best version of yourself by truly honoring what your mind, body and soul need AND want! I have always had a hard time allowing myself the dessert, so let's get real and Take The Cake!


Ask the Dietitian: Sarah Chau, Eating Disorder RDN 🍽
Show Details51min 2s
Steph Still 🌞 on alcohol addiction at 21: sobriety + EDs
Show Details1hr 11min
Authenticity and Body Image 👑
Show Details19min 9s
A Very Real and Raw Recovery Chat w/ Imogen Barnes
Show Details46min 12s
How to Incorporate Fear Foods Into your Recovery 🍝
Show Details25min 44s
I am a coach!! 🦋Kate Noel Wellness + personal updates
Show Details19min 5s
Meg Doll ✨ body, mind & spiritual realms of HA recovery
Show Details58min 15s
Dani Sheriff 🩸HA chat, conception + pregnancy, newborn life & HA tools!
Show Details54min 27s
Changing your Body for a Relationship? 💘 (dating/relationship advice!)
Show Details22min 30s
Ali Bonar: alcohol during recovery, food entrepreneurship, triggering parents, body image advice + more!
Show Details47min 32s
Eating Your Carrots WITH Ranch! food synergy, supplements, food combining + more!
Show Details28min 20s
Borderline Brainwashed: Sarah's roots of hypothalamic amenorrhea + eating disorders - body trust, perfectionism, external vs. internal approval + more!
Show Details52min 30s
Borderline Brainwashed: can you change core beliefs? sex before marriage, rejection, spirituality + more!
Show Details1hr 4min
Kelly U: Binge Eating, Fear Foods, Relapse and MORE! 💟
Show Details58min 11s
Body Image Acceptance Meditation: embody and relax into the journey - 10 min.
Show Details11min 25s
"Summer Body" Triggers - how to deal 🍉
Show Details25min 53s
@Chens_Plate: Necessary Weight Gain, Having Crohn's Disease, Quitting the Gym, Food Blogger Secrets + More!
Show Details1hr 2min
Calorie + Macro Counting - how to ditch the apps and scales!
Show Details58min 37s
Surfer Girl Culture & Eating Disorders, Pressures, Self Love + Exercise w/ Bo Stanley! 🏄🏼‍♀️
Show Details53min 21s
BODY IMAGE pt. 2 💓accepting weight gain, body checking, digestion, exercise, body neutrality, + more!
Show Details37min 49s
Gut Health! 🧬 bloating, microbiome, probiotics, fiber and more w/ Kaitlin Colucci, RD
Show Details44min 11s
BODY IMAGE pt. 1: fat distribution, clothing, swimsuits, feeling sexy, triggering friends, etc!
Show Details32min 8s
SELF LOVE chat w/ Mary Jelkovsky + relationships, creative process, self worth + more!
Show Details1hr 6min
Debunking Nutrition Myths + Mindful Eating w/ Tai Ibitoye, RD
Show Details51min 3s
Why I Quit YouTube - self preservation + an explanation 📹
Show Details23min 13s
Representation & Racism in Recovery + College Tips: Friendships & Mental Health w/ @WellWithOli
Show Details50min 36s
Getting Your Period Back! Best Foods, Veganism + HA?, Metabolism Myths, etc. w/ @flowwithchlo
Show Details50min 51s
Breaking Strict Veganism, Somatic & Transpersonal Therapy, Easy Meditation Tips, + more w/ @mindfulnessmami
Show Details55min 46s
Rating Your Top 10 WORST and BEST Wellness Trends 🧃
Show Details46min 2s
Instagram Exposure Therapy, Panic Attacks, Skin Positivity and Reasons to Recover w Emily Gass aka @EatWithCare
Show Details49min 27s
OATMEAL 101: @TracesOats Gives us Insider Secrets on all Things Oat Bowls + His Journey to Food Freedom 🥣
Show Details33min 35s
Community, Friends, Relationships, Sex and Support in Recovery w/ Meg McCabe
Show Details48min 45s
Top 10 2020 GEMS + Life Lessons I hope to take with me Forever!
Show Details31min 25s
DIGESTION SOLOCAST - My Gut Health Healing Journey From ED: what I have learned/update!
Show Details28min 43s
Fear Foods + the Holidays, Body Image & Food Addiction w/ RDs Ariana & Cassie at Embody Health
Show Details55min 55s
IBS, Digestive Issues in Recovery, Food Intolerances + more w/ Dietician Chelsea McCallum
Show Details40min 38s
Food Q&A SOLOCAST: Fear Foods, Recovery, Food Guilt, etc.
Show Details38min 17s
College Athlete to Model: Confidence, Depression + Breaking Stereotypes w/ Ally Courtnall
Show Details45min 59s
The Body Positive Side of TikTok, Intuitive Eating, + Recovery in College w/ Brittani Lancaster
Show Details45min 13s
Recovery From A Male's Perspective: Growing Up In Sports, Body Image + Hollywood w/ Kai Moya
Show Details37min 22s
F-Factor Diet, Treatment, What Really Goes On In Fitness Industry, + Influencers w/ Sami
Show Details50min 57s
Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Recovery Q&A SOLOCAST: Nutrition, Exercise, Libido, Etc.
Show Details39min 45s
Normalizing + Navigating Chronic Illness: Endometriosis, SIBO & Open Heart Surgery w/ Jay Rishe
Show Details56min 12s
Weight Set Point, Intuitive & Emotional Eating, + "Summer Body" Chat w/ Victoria Myers RD
Show Details52min 10s
Your Limiting Beliefs are Holding you Back! How to Recognize & Overcome w/ Autumn Farr
Show Details54min 55s
Relationships and Recovery: Q+A w/ Rio De Santo (my husband!)
Show Details35min 41s
Channeling Childhood Trauma, Recovery & Authenticity Into Passion For Acting w/ Daphne Fischer
Show Details43min 54s
The Disordered & Dangerous "Model Diet" - It's All Conditioning w/ Pojo of Models That Eat
Show Details34min 2s
My Two-Year Eating Disorder Recovery SO FAR, Biggest Lessons Learned and Update
Show Details37min 41s
Binge Eating Tips & Advice to Stop and Coronavirus/Isolation Anxiety w/ Leora Fulvio, MFT
Show Details54min 59s
Missing Period? Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, Body Size, Fitness & Nutrition w/ Nicola Rinaldi
Show Details51min 57s
What's Recovery Coaching? How To Tell Someone & Having a Recovery Plan with Meg Mccabe
Show Details59min 45s
My Experience With Eating Disorder Treatment, Meal Plans, and Committing to Recovery
Show Details29min 27s
My Eating Disorder Story, About Me, And Intentions Behind This Podcast!
Show Details21min 24s
Take The Cake Trailer
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