27m | Mar 13, 2023


1️⃣Tell your story in a strategic content sandwich.

Use a good hook as your first line. 

Simple example:

💁🏻‍♀️“How I went from ____ to _____!”

🍔Pack in your tips/topic points (the meat)

🍞Your CTA or reminder of your VALUE!

Think about the negative to positive outcome your ideal client/follower would want to know. There is a fine line between being relatable and being aspirational on the internet. Walk it like a fucking tightrope. 

2️⃣ BEFORE YOU POST, ASK YOURSELF? Would you share this post with a friend/colleague? 

Viral content is highly sharable and savable. People don’t comment or like anymore like they used to in the early days of social media. What matters to the algorithm is:

⏱️Watch time | indicates “This was valuable through and through!”

💬Shares | “Indicates someone else should see this too!”

📖Saves | “Indicates this is so good, I need to come back to it later!”

🔥All of these metrics tell the algorithm MORE PEOPLE SHOULD SEE THIS.

3️⃣ Serve BEFORE selling. Provide a solution to a problem. 

🩹People relate to pain before pleasure. So solve a problem before you expect them to follow you, believe you, and buy from you. 

🥰As a coach or consultant in any field, we feel we have to harbor our trade secrets and only share them with paying clients, but the truth is the universe is abundant and you will attract paying clients who need your SPECIFIC service if you share *some* of your secret sauce with your audience. You’re building credibility and social equity when you SERVE before selling! 

After over 8 years in the industry and amassing over 333k followers across platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube, as well as hosting a top-charting podcast, I am sharing my social media secrets, advice, strategies, and services to help you build social equity (a profitable personal brand)! 

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Let me make this easy…What’s your problem, A or B?

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You can do it. I can coach you!

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xo, Sophia Spallino 

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