7m | Feb 27, 2023

Fit check for the gram…Show up like you’re worthy. Build social equity. Build your personal brand with purpose.

I’m Sophia Spallino, and I'm here to share practical, relatable, raw revelations that will help you...

✨Master your Entrepreneur Mindset

✨Make More Money with your Personal Brand

✨Manifest your Dream Social Media Audience

After over 8 years in the industry and amassing over 333k followers across platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube, as well as hosting a top-charting podcast, I am sharing my social media secrets, advice, strategies, and services to help you build social equity (a profitable personal brand)! 

🚀Ready to stop hitting walls and manifest social media success? There are two ways to work with me — hire me as your personal COACH, or work with me and my AGENCY.

Let me make this easy…What’s your problem, A or B?

A — “I don’t even know where to begin (or I started, but feel stuck), and I want to learn how to make beautiful strategic content and grow my brand.” 

You can do it. I can coach you!

✨VIP SUPPORT: Get 1:1 on-demand coaching support that includes access to me and social media lessons/consulting in real time! Apply for 30-day VIP access here: 

✨SINGLE SESSION: Get coaching for your personal brand or business, whether you're a novice at creating, or need strategic consulting support to overcome a plateau! Book a single session with me:  

B — “I don’t have time to make beautiful strategic content, but know I need to have a pristine social media presence!”

Me and my team of social media stylists at Legacy The Agency can do it for you with excellence. We can build your brand from the ground up, and you can be as involved or as hands-off as you’d like! If this sounds like you, Legacy The Agency can help you take your time back and grow your personal brand. Book a clarity call that includes a social media audit here: 

Are you ready to take radical responsibility to see results? Let’s build your social equity together. 

xo, Sophia Spallino 

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