The Exact 3 THINGS You Need to Build Your Online Business Or It Will Never Grow — Coaches and Service Provider Business Tips

9m | Sep 5, 2023

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There are ✨3 THINGS✨ you have to have in place to truly build a strong foundation in your online business as a coach or service provider (like realtors, nutritionists, health coaches, dating coaches, functional medicine doctors, social media managers)…

1️⃣ Business systems to automate your sales flow 🚀 (from lead generation to email marketing to sales in your sleep) 

2️⃣ A visibility strategy 👀 (you need to be seen on every platform you possibly can to get new leads…and optimize that content for each platform as much as possible…and if you don’t have visibility systems in place, doing it manually will take up half your day) 😩

3️⃣ Content that actually sells 💰 Not all content is made equal. It doesn’t have to be fancy. IT HAS TO F*CKING SELL. And if you’re posting and not selling, you’re wasting time…and time is money. 

You can’t miss one of these things and scale your business.

Just think…💭If you could learn how to make 10k more a month, that would be 120k a year more! What would that do for you?

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