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Rasslecast Power Hour

You like professional wrestling?! So do we! On the Rasslecast Power Hour, Handsome Bane, Showinmadlov, and B Hyphen combine their might to talk about the ins and outs of the squared circle! But we're not here to no sell a bunch of finishers! No sir! We're here to talk wrassling because we love it!! So check your attitude at the door and suspend your disbelief! There's marking out to do! A Hyphen Podcast Group production.


Dark Matches: Hold My Gun, While I Dance!
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Dark Matches: OJ Thinks He's The Rock!
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Dark Matches comes round and oh boy are we off the leashes! Duffle bags full of smut! Budd from Kill Bill was mad regretful! Marc Rob chokes when he hears about Sunny's terroristic threats! And the OJ playoff reactions! Kat & Grog! + MORE!

49min 13s
Published Jul 18, 2022 at 9:00am
We Rewatched Zayn/Nakamura 2016! feat. @TheNoveliss
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Concussion Blink! feat. @TheNoveliss
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Dark Matches: Shout Out To My Baby Mama!
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You Can't Put The $h!t Back In The Donkey!
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Dark Matches: Wasn't Exactly My Finest Hour!
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Bring Your EBT Card With You! feat. @motorcityoprah & @TheNoveliss (Season 2 Finale)
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We've Gotten Into Enough Trouble With God! feat. @kat_chinetti & GROG
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Somehow I Always Stumble Over A Disco Inferno Opinion!
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I Hated Putting That White Man On Your Cake! feat. @SK5000thefuture
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Make Up A Handshake Right Now!
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You're From Tampa, Don't Be Racist! feat. @EricAdamz
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#BrockHistoryMonth! feat. McNitty
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Random Select!
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If You're Hearing This I Love You! feat. GROG & @kat_chinetti
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He's Too Brown For Him To Care About!
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Dark Matches Live!
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Oops! All Terry!
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I Don't Know What Kinda Problems Black Nerds Got! ft. @OmarHolmon
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I'm Bathin' in it Man!
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Dark Matches 2
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I Respect You, Booker Man!
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Make My Donation to the Nation of Domination! feat. Karvita
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I'm a Fighter, Not a Businessman! feat. @TheNoveliss & @ItsNoNameTim
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WWTF News Network!
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Relax! feat. @TheNoveliss & @ItsNoNameTim
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BOOTSTRAPS! feat. @kat_chinetti
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Please Make Some Good Looking T-Shirts! feat. @kat_chinetti
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From Slavery To Space! feat. @uncensoredmike
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Dark Matches 1
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I Gotta Use My Grief On This One! feat. @Showinladlov
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So Much Silk! feat. @Showinmadlov
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He's Just Wearing Denim feat. @No_Name_Tim
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120 Degrees Of Heat feat. @melysette & @Showinmadlov
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The Return of CM Punk
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Check Your Wallets feat. @TheNoveliss, @HiroBeats & @Showinmadlov
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Thank You For All Your Money feat. @ShowinmadLov (Season 1 Finale)
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Solving Problems With Violence feat. @mikeasti11
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Super Brawl SaTuRdAy?!
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He'll Call The Cops feat. @camerondawson3871
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Steve Blackman Said Quiet feat. @showinmadlov
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I Forgot The Match Bro feat. @SuperFanComShow
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Working Yourself Into A Shoot feat. @SuperFanComShow
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I'm About Get To Fired feat. @timmypthadon
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Never Ask Anybody For Help feat. Aye Cee
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Mountains of Whoo! feat. @grizz_kuma
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The TakeOver & WrestleMania Go Home Show
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Cast Iron Skillet feat. @Gerbo3
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Popular Or Successful feat. @bronx_cruzian
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Hit 'Em with the Danny Phantom feat. @VLNS_Beats
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Tales of the Purple Umbrella Kid feat. @everyday_rogue
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Savannah Summers, Princess of Perfection! feat. @5avannah5ummer5
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How Not To Relax Before SummerSlam feat. @Damegonewld
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I Don't Know Which Uso It Was! feat. @motorcityoprah
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Trouble In Paradise feat. @kat_chinetti
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Negative 1 Can't Lose feat. @kat_chinetti
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Run That Vengeance feat. @ShowinmadLov
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That Time Macho Man Faced A Monkey feat. @TDoza521
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Let's Fight Tony Schiavone
Show Details1hr 14min