Empowering Black and Brown Girls: A Conversation with Dawn L. Brown

Season 2 | Episode 18
31m | Apr 11, 2023

In this episode of Black People Parenting, we're joined by Dawn L. Brown, President and CEO of EmpowHer Institute, to discuss the organization's empowering work for BIPOC girls. With over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit industry, Dawn shares her insights on the unique challenges facing Black and Brown girls growing up with the overlapping pandemics of COVID-19 and racist police violence, and offers expert advice for parents navigating their child's personal trauma while understanding and navigating their own. We also dive into EmpowHer's youth-led approach, discussing how parents can support their child by trusting, listening, and understanding their child's personal experiences and needs as they develop into young adults. Join us for a conversation on EmpowHer Institute's culturally inclusive, trauma-informed, immersive learning programs aimed at breaking generational cycles of poverty and supporting BIPOC girls on their journey to college and career readiness.

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