Dissecting 'Best Interest of the Child' in Custody Battles: What You Need to Know

3m | Jul 5, 2023

In this clip from the most recent episode of the Black People Parenting Podcast, we delve deep into the critical concept of "The Best Interest of the Child" in custody battles. Joined by seasoned Family Law Attorney Heather Johnson, we unpack what this term truly means and its profound implications for parents navigating the complex landscape of child custody disputes.

Discover how courts determine the "best interest" and the key factors they consider, from the child's age and health to the parents' ability to provide a stable environment. Learn about the importance of maintaining strong, positive relationships with your children during this challenging time and how it can impact the outcome of your case.

Whether you're at the beginning stages of a custody battle or in the thick of it, this episode offers invaluable insights and practical advice to help you navigate the process with your child's best interest at heart.

Key topics we cover include understanding your rights as a parent, how to effectively communicate with your child during a custody dispute, and strategies for presenting your case in the best light.

Don't miss this essential discussion - it could make all the difference in your custody journey.

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