• Put Your Best People on Your Biggest Opportunities

    What's the best way to use your top talent? We only have so many truly high potential people. Where do they bring the greatest return? Where do they help the business the most? There are arguments for different approaches and in this podcast I discuss the one I prefer.... putting our best people on the opportunities or situations that have the greatest potential for the business. In this minilog I share my thoughts about how we can best use our best people. Hope you appreciate Peter Drucker as much as I do!

    4m | Feb 27, 2024
  • Lessons in Leadership Continued

    Jeb Zoller never thought about leadership until he ended up at West Point, ironically on a golf scholarship. After finishing his education, he served his country as an officer in the 82nd Airborne where jumping out of airplanes, at night, from 800 feet above the ground became the norm. Today, he runs a tremendously successful financial planning business. Having seen great and equally poor leadership in his career, no one is more qualified to share their ideas about how each of us can be a better leader than Jeb. You'll enjoy this episode and get to meet someone I'm proud to call my friend!

    33m | Feb 13, 2024
  • Not For Profits Need Strategy Too

    UPIC Solutions business is built to serve not-for-profit United Way agencies. Their success is proof that when you know your ideal customer and provide value they can't find from your competitors, you've defined and executed a great strategy. J.R. Howard is UPIC"s CEO and he shares some great insights about how their success has made them redo their strategy. He explains the surprising benefit of how their new strategy has energized UPIC's staff. Even more interesting is how changing the way they run meetings has made a big difference in their ability to execute. This is the most for-profit-like, not-for-profit business I've ever seen. If you want your strategy to be more effective, this is the podcast for you!

    33m | Feb 6, 2024
  • Smart AND Healthy AND Better Business Results

    If you have plans to scale your business, you need to listen to this podcast! This is one of several that discusses the power of getting your executive team to be more aligned and cohesive, creating a better balance between Smart & Healthy. Cody Granneman and Tommy Rowlands are Co-CEO's of R.S. Hanlines Group. (If you've eaten a Wendy's baked potato, then you know part of what they do.) No structure is perfect. You've heard me say that more than once. But a structure with co-CEOs requires even more work than normal for an executive team to show up as fully aligned and cohesive to the rest of the organization. And these two young executives are proof that not only can co-CEO's work, but that the business can thrive. You will hear how they have changed when they have meetings and how they conduct them. And how much impact can come from putting a clear name to each group of executives that lead your business.

    34m | Jan 9, 2024
  • From the (Red) Barn to Bed, Bath and Beyond

    This is one of several podcasts dedicated to the professional management discipline of Strategy. Ron Schuller is a farm boy who brings a wonderfully practical approach to the often "squishy" world of strategy. We discuss the importance of defining both the quantitative and qualitative dimensions of your ideal customer and how many strategic initiatives you can reasonably attempt in any given year. You will love his description of "not no, just not now" way to prioritize your initiatives and "to get your team to buy in they need a chance to weigh in" when it comes to their involvement in developing your strategy. This is 30 minutes that can help you take your strategy to another level!

    30m | Dec 19, 2023
  • Leadership: Why it Matters More Than Ever #3

    Mickey Leech became the CEO of Schumacher Electric shortly after they were acquired by private equity. He's rebuilt his leadership team, changed the strategy and rebuilt his executive team again. If anyone has earned the right to speak about leadership, it's him! In this podcast he shares the importance of having executive team members who have similar core values; the critical importance of emotional intelligence, and the need at critical times to be courageous. You'll like Mickey and enjoy his insights to leadership!

    31m | Nov 21, 2023
  • Leadership: Why it Matters More Than Ever #2

    This is the next in our series of podcasts on Leadership. Blair Cook is the CEO of Agrisolutions. His company makes an integral part of the equipment that farmers use literally around the world to feed us. I've been fortunate to watch Blair move from being a functional leader to becoming the CEO of Agrisolutions. His growth as a leader has been significant. He's learned to temper his remarks; the importance of emotional intelligence and the various kinds of motivation that drive his individual C-suite members. I found his awareness of how much time he spends on clarifying the direction of the business and communicating with others astounding. Blair's comments and practical perspective about his journey to becoming a better leader will make you think about your own leadership journey.

    28m | Nov 7, 2023
  • Leadership: Why it Matters More Than Ever #1

    This is one of several podcasts on what effective leadership looks like, how to develop it and why it matters more than ever. Chris Halapy is the CEO for Shook Construction. Based in Dayton, Ohio his company has seen their profitability grow significantly under his leadership. He won't take credit for that success but he's earned the right to share some very proven methods and how he's elevated his leadership during his career. You'll especially enjoy his take on "What I'm afraid of..." comments that so often show up in executive team meetings. Listen and learn from one of the successful leaders I'm fortunate to work with.

    32m | Oct 24, 2023
  • Heros We Can Do Without

    Now more than ever we need heroes. But there is one kind of hero no company needs. That's a destructive hero. In this episode I discuss the reasons why we tolerate these most damaging kinds of employees. Don't let yourself or your business be held hostage by this dangerous high-level performer!

    5m | Oct 10, 2023
  • Why Smart and Healthy Really Matter

    This is the first of several podcasts on why truly great businesses find a way to strike the right balance between being Smart (right finance, technology, strategy, structure, etc.) AND Healthy (minimal levels of confusion, politics, meetings-after-the-meetings and high productivity and retention of high performing talent). Jeff Tibitts is the SVP of Operations for CESO Inc. Jeff shares why CESO's executive team has decided to take on the work to create a truly aligned and cohesive executive team. You'll appreciate Jeff's energy, passion and practical approach to this work. You'll thoroughly enjoy learning how this approach can help you and your business and executive team.

    33m | Oct 3, 2023
  • Secrets of Engagement

    If you want to have highly engaged people, you need to build in each person a sense of loyalty. "A strong feeling of support or allegiance." Loyalty to either you as their boss or to the company. The secret lies in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. In this 5 minutes I'll share how you can get the very best from people for the long haul!

    4m | Sep 19, 2023
  • Four Pillars to Maximizing the Value of Your Business

    Building the best and most valuable business you can is the best insurance you can have to be able to exit the business on your terms, rather than someone else's. In this quick 4 minutes learn the 4 things you should prioritize to make your business worth the most!

    3m | Sep 5, 2023
  • The Last Episode of People Who Kept Me Working

     Meet Dan Barczak one of the owners of STA and the Chief Creative Officer of Hyperquake, STA's sister company. Dan shares what makes us different, what an ideal client might be and how his vision for the business actually exceeds mine! This creative provocateur will tap into your passion for leadership and his eagerness to lean into "the hard stuff and difficult" conversations that make a team great.

    27m | Aug 22, 2023
  • Meet the People Who Got Me to Keep Working -Part 4

    Several Thousand Alliance (STA). As we are primarily a group of consultants that help businesses and CEO's find the best answers to the seemingly difficult questions that haunt them, we also have a couple of key people who help us run our business as a business. In this episode you will meet Lee Kersting, STA's CFO. He brings a decidely practical approach to the financial aspects of our business. Most importantly, like all of us at STA, he's extremely curious about the behaviors that drive the individuals and executive teams we serve. You'll enjoy hearing Lee's perspective about why he joined STA and what he sees for our future.

    24m | Aug 8, 2023
  • Meet the People Who Got Me to Keep Working-Part 3

    This is another in our series of podcasts to introduce the audience to people with whom I work and learn more about what we do at Several Thousand Alliance. Marty Kersting is the Chief Business Officer for STA. That means he gets to deal with all the details and paperwork that the business needs in order to satisify their clients and other stakeholders. As such, Marty brings a unique perspective about our work and how it impacts our clients. You'll enjoy his observations and his insights!

    28m | Jul 25, 2023
  • Meet the People Who Got Me to Keep Working - Part 2

    What do airlines, ski resorts, and organizational health have in common? Jeff Daniels! People often ask me how I came to do this work. It's very likely that had I not met Jeff, my journey would have taken a much different path. In this episode you will hear Jeff's story about how he impacted my journey, as well as, how he became part of Several Thousand Alliance. From planes, to ski lifts, to the C-suite, you will enjoy learning more about Jeff and STA!

    27m | Jul 11, 2023
  • Meet The People Who Got Me to Keep Working-Part 1

    I recently joined forces with Several Thousand Alliance and am eager to tell you all about it! Kicking off this new podcast series, I'll be introducing you to my new team at Several Thousand Alliance (STA), beginning with its Founder, Colin Crotty. You'll learn how our lives have been connected for over 20 years, and how our interactions have impacted the trajectory of my career. It is without a doubt that my passion has only been fueled because of him, and in this episode, you'll get an understanding of why I have aligned myself with Colin and STA. My guess is by the end of the podcast, you will see why I'm so lucky to call him both my colleague and my friend.

    29m | Jun 27, 2023
  • What Gives You Energy #2

    Here's the second in our series on energy and its importance to being a high performing executive. Rob Connelly is the CEO at Henny Penny, one of the leading makers of kitchen equipment for companies like Chick-fil-A and McDonalds. He's no stranger to this podcast and he's one of the CEO's I most respect. Turns out, he has thought more about the importance of energy in doing his job than I have. More importantly, he routinely talks to his people about energy's impact in their lives and performance. He believes there is a "flow" that highly effective executives create for themselves. I have no doubt this podcast will give you plenty of energy!

    32m | Apr 18, 2023
  • What Gives You Energy

    Woody Swink is one of the Co-Presidents at McCall Farms. Based in Effingham SC, they are the country's largest canner of southern vegetables. (Think Allen's, Bruce's Yams, Popeye Spinach.) I've had the pleasure of helping Woody, his other Co-Presidents and their other executives in creating their latest strategic plan. While working together it became clear to me that Woody brings an unusual amount of energy to his role and company. And it made me want to do a series of podcasts to learn what executives think about energy and its importance to their jobs and success. Like me, you'll enjoy Woody, especially his 3 kinds of Family that drive his energy!

    24m | Apr 11, 2023
  • Tools For Setting Priorities

    The one thing they don't tell you when you become a manager is that there will always be more work to get done, than there will be time and resources to get that work done. So every great manager has methods by which they create clear priorities for themselves and their people. In this episode I share a classic tool you can start using today to make sure more of your time and energy go to the right things.

    5m | Feb 28, 2023
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