Mindful Business Revolution with Kent Weed

Season 1 | Episode 1
38m | Oct 26, 2022

Listen in to our incredibly inspiring conversation with Kent Weed, who has found true meaning & life success, after working extremely hard in his career and selling his business for 100 million dollars. 

Kent is the creator and executive producer of the 5 time Emmy nominated hit television series American Ninja Warrior. His career spans 3 decades and he has produced over 250 shows for 45 different networks; Hit shows like Hell’s Kitchen, The Swan, Skating with Celebrities, Kitchen Nightmares and The World Music Awards.

10 years after starting his own production company in 2001, he and his partner sold it for 100 million dollars. He then spent the next 10 years, studying and learning mindfulness, meditation, Qi Gong and biohacking his body for health and longevity, all while being a dedicated husband and dad to his three amazing kids.

He launched in 2020 to share his story and help others. In December 2021, he debuted his Meditation and mindfulness course, “Taming your Monkey Mind” to help people who struggle with stress, anxiety and sleep. He is also a Master Certified Trainer, giving training on becoming extraordinary.

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