Chanti Zak: Building Credibility and Authentic Authority

Season 1 | Episode 2
46m | Nov 2, 2022

How the heck do you gain credibility and authority while remaining your authentic self? Chanti Zak is THE BEST one to talk about this as we are witness to her doing it super well and industry leaders are attracted to just that! How does she do it? How can you do it? Listen In! 

Chanti is a business growth coach, strategist, and agency owner sometimes lovingly known as the quiz queen (though she doesn’t *really* call herself that), she’s the Chief Evangelist at Interact, mom of 3 wildlings, and an amateur homesteader. Chanti helps brands that give a damn about people and the planet to build a thriving ecosystem in their businesses through her programs and done for you services. She’s worked with the amazing brands of Jenna Kutcher, Amy Porterfield and more! She believes there’s nothing a good question can’t fix and that in business and in life, it’s ALL connected. In her spare time you can find her studying psychology, doing downward dog, or binge-watching cooking shows. 

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