Overcome Adversity In Really Creative Ways with Dr. Izdihar Jamil

Season 1 | Episode 7
54m | Dec 8, 2022

There are so many women out there who unfortunately can relate to what Izdihar has experienced. She does not hold back when talking about the unbelievable adversity she’s been through as a newcomer to the United States. Her steadfast journey of boldness, strength, courage and now empowering other women is incredibly inspiring. It’s one of those stories that makes you sit back, take a deep breath and say “If she can do it, I can do it too!”

Dr Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D. is an immigrant, Asian, hijab wearing Muslim computer scientist turned media expert.

She is a 13 x #1 International Bestselling Author of It Is Done, Yes I Can! And Women Who Lead.

Izdihar has spoken at many prestigious events and interviews all around the world.

She was featured on Forbes, TED, Fox TV, NBC, CBS, ABC, CW, Thrive Global and hundreds of media and publications.

In 2021, Izdihar was inducted into the prestigious Marquis Who’s Who biography in recognizing her contribution as the top 5% in the industry alongside Warren Buffet and Oprah.

Her TED talk on overcoming social adversity and the courage to be proud of your roots and heritage has inspired many people from various cultures to take a positive step in accepting other people’s principles and values.

She is an influential trailblazer and an inspirational leader in helping female leaders to share their voices on prestigious platforms without prejudice.

She has helped over 100 female leaders to solidify their positions as the #1 go-to expert in their fields with her simple, no-fuss publicity methods.

Izdihar lives in California with her husband and three kids and in her spare time she loves reading and baking for her family.

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