Our Emotional Aftertaste with Jonathan George

Season 1 | Episode 6
46m | Nov 30, 2022

Jonathan George understands that we were all made uniquely, and the true value of that uniqueness. Many entrepreneurs get caught up trying to do what they see other entrepreneurs doing even if it’s misaligned or to be someone who they aren’t because they feel it would “work” better or help with their success. Jonathan lets us in on the obvious but rarely practiced freedom, in that YOU and your story and building a personal brand is exactly the key to success.

As CEO of Unleash Your Rockstar Personal Branding Agency, Jonathan George has spent the past 20 years building celebrity personal brands with over 150 million online followers. He is known as The Human Hitmaker because of his ability to identify, cultivate and package you into the ROCKSTAR you were born to be.

He got started at the age of 26, named the Grand Champion Winner on Ed McMahon’s “Next

Big Star”. It was the highlight of his career and his dreams were coming true as a brand-new record deal slid across the table...and then they discovered he was gay.

He was left with no deal, no direction, and his dreams shattered.

His team tried to get him married, they tried to change his music, they tried to change everything about him.

All he heard was...“You’re. Not. Good. Enough.”

Listen in to hear how Jonathan took this suffering and turned it into something beautiful, meaningful and is making waves for SO many!

We love every minute we’ve ever spent with Jon, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same as soon as you listen to his wisdom, experience, gentleness and humor.

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