Chris Williams: Sell Your Knowledge, Not Your Work

Season 1 | Episode 9
28m | Dec 29, 2022

Our next guest is a mentor, coach and friend to us, and we have always felt that he is truly in our corner, cheering us on. This is Chris Williams. He is here to cheer you on. Chris has figured out what the keys are to successful business and after building out multiple cash flowing businesses, he is now reaching out to coach others to see the same success. Passionate about relationship-first marketing and remaining true to you, Chris is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to scaling online.

Chris spends most of his time raising his five kids, exploring world communities, and trying his hand at adventures like shark diving, ice climbing, running ultra marathons, and riding electric skateboards:) In his spare time, he works with entrepreneurial and business experts, speakers, coaches, and leaders helping them market, monetize, and lead their own high-ticket mastermind (or group coaching) programs.

As the world continues to shift, many experts are trying to build high-ticket groups for additional income, lead generation, or impact. Chris teaches experts how to generate leads, close high-ticket deals, and build strong, transformational groups. He has his own digital agency, leads two masterminds of his own, and has learned many of these lessons the hard way, so sharing his journey and offering strategies is why he is here.

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