The Mosaic Life Podcast

Life is art. Every moment a picture painted in time. Color, texture, lighting — all context. The Mosaic vision is to cast a warm glow on your masterpiece, highlighting the struggle while showcasing the culmination of years of hard work.

Join us for interviews with leaders, honest and engaging conversations, guided meditations, and insightful talks as we explore the depths of our consciousness.


Timothy Wenger - Masculinity, Facing Our Dark Side, and What It Means to Be a Man
Show Details1hr 6min
Integrity and the Little White Lies We Tell Ourselves
Show Details8min 57s
Creating Days We Want
Show Details1hr 4min
Revved Up
Show Details18min 50s
Nathan Kohlerman - Overcoming Addiction, Animal Flow, and Men’s Coaching
Show Details1hr 6min
Frank Agin - Supporting Businesses, Exiting Fear, and Serving Communities
Show Details1hr 3min
Clarify Your Purpose
Show Details10min 3s
A New Opportunity For You to Be You
Show Details1hr 14min
Scott Hilburn - Spiritual Awakenings, Kundalini Yoga, and Expanding Our Awareness
Show Details1hr 15min
BONUS with Laurie Seymour
Show Details4min 43s
All's Right with the World
Show Details6min 33s
Laurie Seymour - We Are In This Together
Show Details53min 11s
Disrupt the Circuit
Show Details12min
Be Real
Show Details58min 5s
You're Free to Wear Sunscreen
Show Details12min 28s
Does Free Will Exist?
Show Details57min 22s
Introducing Mosaic Life Talks with Experiencing & Processing Grief
Show Details8min 22s
On the Go (4 min Guided Meditation)
Show Details4min 25s
Bad Day Rebound
Show Details1hr 15min
On the Go (5 min Guided Meditation)
Show Details4min 52s
Jason Lange - Helping Others, Being Vulnerable, and Being Present
Show Details1hr 10min
On the Go (4 min Guided Meditation)
Show Details4min 30s
Checking in on Our Integrity, Goals and Ambitions
Show Details1hr 10min
Lama Kathy Wesley - Meditation, Buddhist Principles, and Mindfulness
Show Details1hr 26min
Beginning Anew (17 min Guided Meditation)
Show Details17min 28s
On Hatred, Ignorance, and Lust
Show Details1hr 37min
Lisa Bond, RN - Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Transformation, and Dealing with Stress
Show Details1hr 14min
Setting Intentions (17 min Guided Meditation)
Show Details17min 20s
Setting Boundaries
Show Details1hr 32min
Live from Myocore (44 min Guided Meditation)
Show Details44min 32s
Checking in on Our Goals and Habits
Show Details1hr 21min
Epiphany (23 min Guided Meditation)
Show Details23min 3s
Forming Habits and Recommitting to Them
Show Details1hr 1min
Equalizer (7 min Guided Meditation)
Show Details7min 4s
On Honesty
Show Details1hr 5min
Be Free (14 min Guided Meditation)
Show Details14min 7s
On Happiness
Show Details1hr 15min
Welcome to The Mosaic Life
Show Details1min 19s