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What's up TEAmigo?!? Welcome to OpTEAmized, the show teaching athletes how tea can optimize longevity, recovery, & performance.

My name is Vince LaPelusa & I am your host on this journey. I am a tea lover, chemical engineer, Brazilian jiu jitsu purple belt, & I am thrilled to be here with you!

Are you an athlete looking to optimize longevity, recovery, & performance naturally & holistically? Do you love your sport & plan to do it for the rest of your life? Do you often feel unmotivated to show up to the gym or practices? Have you tried methods like coffee or preworkouts & feel like they are more of a disservice? Well, I have been there & let me tell you there is a better way.

In this show I will guide us towards teas & herbs that will naturally & sustainably make our athletic journey more enjoyable! From teas that help with sleep, immunity, mental focus, energy, & much more I am here to help you opTEAmize your game!


Ep 65: Ashwagandha...Regulator of Stress & Builder of Strength
Show Details12min 15s
Ep 64: Pu'erh Tea...The Best Hangover Cure?
Show Details16min
Ep 63: Licorice Root Tea...Endurance Booster & Gut Healing
Show Details17min 31s
Ep 62: Iron Goddess of Mercy Tea...The Merciful Tea for Skin, Bone, & Overall Health
Show Details19min 8s
Ep 61: Rose Tea...Love Potion, Heart Opener, & Mood Booster
Show Details16min 39s
Ep 60: Jasmine Green Tea...Meditative & Cancer Fighting
Show Details21min 58s
Ep 59: Hibiscus...The Tisane To Enhance Heart Health
Hide Details16min 18s

Welcome to OpTEAmized, the show that teaches you all things tea and how it optimizes longevity, recovery, and performance.

Today we are diving into all things hibiscus. We broke this episode down into 3 main topics:

1) The history of hibiscus

2) What are the unique health benefits of hibiscus and why?

3) As a consumer, what do we need to know?

Dive on in on this episode to learn about a high level overview of why this highly popular tea is great for our heart and more!

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16min 18s
Published Sep 28, 2022 at 4:57pm
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OpTEAmized Trailer
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Ep 34: Uncovering The Hidden Tea Houses Of The World with Monica Kieff of Travel Through Tea
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Ep 33: The Evolution Of Fitness For Longevity with Conor Millstein
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Ep 32: Using Tea As A Creative Outlet with Nazanin of Tea Thoughts
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SHOW UPDATE! We Are Rebranding
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Ep 31: The Effect Of Time & Temperature On Tea
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Ep 30: Connecting The Mind & Body For Quicker Recoveries
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Ep 29: What Is In Tea? A Scientific Breakdown Of Your Cup Of Tea
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What Is This All About? TEAser For Fresh Steeps
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Ep 18 (pt 1): How Tea & Global Health Law Mix w/ Jani the Health Geenie
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Ep 10: Functional Tools for Optimizing Women's Health w/ Kelsie Anderson
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Ep 9: Developing Mental Hygiene Practices w/ Andrew Brown
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Ep 8: The Relationship of Kombucha & Tea w/ Jack Joseph
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Ep 7: Growing a Tea Business w/ Tiesta Tea
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Ep 6: Music & Self Defense w/ Bayo Ajose
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Ep 5: What It Means to be a Man w/ Corey Weil
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Ep 4: The Power of Discipline in Everyday Life w/ Tommy G McGee
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Ep 3: Becoming TikTok Famous w/ Niko LaPelusa
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Ep 2: Fasting & Tea
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Ep 1: Vince's Tea Journey
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