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Laurent Courtines and Mike Salerno, two wacky American sports fans, talk nonsense about things that make most people uncomfortable. And sometimes Premier League football.

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Episode #59 - Is the Champions League Choke on Again for Man City?
Show Details33min 47s
Episode #58 - Same As It Ever Was
Show Details14min 51s
Episode #57 - Rest Easy, AFTV's Claude Callegari
Show Details36min 18s
Episode #56 - An Ode to Sergio Aguero
Show Details32min 56s
Episode #55 - Examining the Changing Trends in American Sports Television
Show Details40min 52s
Episode #54 - Cheating on Your Lover with Brighton
Show Details24min 42s
Episode #53 - Spurs being Spursy - Do a Reverse Ajax, Giving Chelsea’s Mendy Some Credit!
Show Details35min 3s
Episode #52 - "Lamela and Sanchez" by William Shakespeare
Show Details42min 59s
Episode #51 - Who Replaces Messi and Ronaldo? North London Derby Preview!
Show Details27min 38s
Episode #50 - Klopp Out? Gerrard...In?!
Show Details36min 54s
Episode #49 - There's Only One Team In England
Show Details30min 32s
Episode # 48 - Get It Together, Brighton!
Show Details29min 11s
Episode #47 - Arsenal's Store-Brand Ajax Moment! Mid-Week European Review
Show Details29min 15s
Episode #46 - West Ham? WEST HAM!
Show Details42min 24s
Episode # 45 Five reasons you watch Manchester United (and the 3 reasons you don't) Narrative in the Premier League
Show Details18min 48s
Episode #44 - El Douchico Part 2 Preview! Could Pep Kill Mourinho?
Show Details39min 32s
Episode # 43 - Liverpool v Manchester City review: The Age of Foden is Upon Us!
Show Details45min 18s
Episode # 42 - It happens again - Manchester United win 9-0. Liverpool breached by Seagulls. Manchester City v Liverpool preview
Show Details16min 27s
Episode # 41 A Couple of Duds. The Transfer Deadline and Arsenal vs Manchester United. Regulation battle over?
Show Details36min 29s
Episode #40 - Liverpool Break Mike, City Top Table With Statement Win
Show Details46min 29s
Episode #39 - Chelsea Sack Fat Frank! FA Cup Review, Tottenham-Liverpool Preview
Show Details31min 58s
Episode #38 - BURNLEY Beat Liverpool! United Go Top! Mass Hysteria!
Show Details37min 55s
Episode #37 - New Format! Running Through The Premier League Table, Why Are All Analysts Bad?
Show Details46min
Episode #36 - Recapping The FA Cup, Talking Desserts with Aveline
Show Details27min 24s
Episode #35 - Carabao Cup Clash Review. Mourinho and Pep Square off. Fa Cup 3rd round preview
Show Details20min 1s
Episode #34 - Liverpool Losing Their Grip, Is it Man City's to Lose?
Show Details43min 24s
Episode #33 - Premier league Matchweek 17 Preview - New Years Fixtures, Man United Villa, Spurs Leeds
Show Details17min 18s
Episode #32 - Draws for Everybody! Liverpool, Chelsea, Leicester, Tottenham, Manchester Utd!
Show Details44min 7s
Episode #31 - Pochettino to PSG, Boxing Day Preview and Carabao Cup Recap
Show Details33min 55s
Episode #30 - Hyperbolic Media Narratives, Arsenal Have Erectile Dysfunction, Liverpool Pummel Palace
Show Details44min 18s
Episode #29 - Festive Period Mayhem! Liverpool edge Tottenham, Wolves stun Chelsea, Arsenal gets a point!
Show Details43min 17s
Episode #28 - Manchester Derby Dud! Champions League Draw, Tottenham-Liverpool Kick Off Festive Period!
Show Details32min 28s
Episode #27 - Racism in Paris? Are We Sure? Champions League Review and Manchester Derby preview!
Show Details45min 52s
Episode #26 - Fans in the Stands for Jose's North London Derby Masterclass, Laughing at Arsenal Fan TV
Show Details46min 40s
Episode #25 - Champions League Chaos and a North London Derby Preview
Show Details51min 27s
Episode #24 - Premier League match week 10 review and Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur thoughts. Champions League action recap.
Show Details27min 27s
Episode #23 - Ode to Maradona Great but no Messi or Ronaldo. Champions League Review. Premier League preview and Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur
Show Details30min 15s
Episode #22 - El Douchico Review! Spurs Beat Man City, Liverpool Bash Leicester, Arsenal Are A Catastrophe
Show Details50min 47s
Rapid Reaction: El Douchico! Manchester City fan rapid reaction and ANGER
Show Details8min 56s
Episode #21 - El Douchico! Tottenham-Manchester City Preview!
Show Details48min 44s
Episode #20 - Jurgen Klopp's Deal With the Devil and Wrexham AFC: The Gang Buys a Team
Show Details33min 19s
Episode #19 - An Ode to Southampton FC, USMNT Finally Back in Action
Show Details43min 40s
Episode #18 - Review of Premier League Matchweek 8. Fallout from Liverpool v Manchester City. VAR's Reign of Terror continues.
Show Details29min 41s
Episode #17 - Previewing the Upcoming Manchester City-Liverpool Clash
Show Details52min 10s
Episode #16 - VAR Strikes Again, Premier League Matchweek 7 Roundup
Show Details47min 19s
Episode #15 - Too Much Narrative, Not Enough Context: Premier League Introspective and Week 7 Preview
Show Details43min 44s
Episode #14 - Dissecting a strange Premier League start, Messi-Ronaldo UCL Preview
Show Details45min 3s
Episode #13 - Champions League is Back! Is a European Super League Coming Next?
Show Details12min 15s
Episode #12 - Reacting to Everton-Liverpool Chaos and Tottenham's Meltdown
Show Details47min 35s
Episode #11 - Previewing Tottenham-West Ham with The Athletic's Jesse Marshall
Show Details58min 7s
Episode #10 - Project Big Picture, A Premier League Coup? Cancel Culture in Sports
Show Details37min 17s
Episode #9 - England Goes Pay-Per-View, Transfer Window Recap
Show Details44min 30s
Episode #8 - SCHADENFREUDE! Liverpool and Man United get SMASHED! Touchdown Tottenham!
Show Details22min 58s
Episode #7 - Eric Dier, He Shits When He Wants!
Show Details41min 22s
Episode #6 - Guardiola Out? The Penalty Pandemic and Murderous Dictators
Show Details45min 8s
Episode #5 - Crickets, Ted Lasso, Terrifying Toddlers
Show Details23min 10s
Episode #4 - Goals, Goals, Goals! Why We Saw the Highest Scoring Week in Premier League History
Show Details40min 8s
Episode #3 - All Trophies Matter, Gareth Bale Returns to Tottenham
Show Details37min 17s
Episode #2 - American Women's Sports Are Doing It Wrong
Show Details30min 45s
Episode #1 - Resetting the Premier League Stage
Show Details31min 38s