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The Bye Felipe Podcast

Why do men turn hostile when rejected? Why is dating such a nightmare? What can we do to make it better? 

Find solutions to the current dating cesspool with this comedy/advice podcast about relationships, sex, and emotional self-regulation co-hosted by author Alexandra Tweten and comedian Alison Stevenson.


The Ideal Partner List
Show Details51min 10s
Should We Start a Cult with Lane Moore?
Show Details1hr 10min
Being Yourself with Rachel Evans from Netflix's "The Circle"
Show Details1hr 2min
We got a voicemail! A breakup, being happy, date scheduling
Show Details39min 8s
Roe v. Wade, Listener Green Flags, and Knowing What You're Looking For
Show Details52min 47s
Dating as a Poet and Fat Activist with Yesika Salgado
Show Details1hr 24min
Green Flags and Comfort vs. Love
Show Details50min 13s
Ambivalent Men with Author Rhonda Findling
Show Details1hr 12min
Updates, Ball Sex???, and Body Image
Show Details49min 21s
Book Report: The Commitment Cure Part 2
Show Details36min 20s
Couple Goals: Duncan & Erin Trussell
Show Details1hr 19min
Book Report: The Commitment Cure Part 1
Show Details56min 16s
A Bit of a Break-Up, A Wet T-Shirt Contest, and Is It Trash?
Show Details43min 34s
The Ex-Boyfriend Swindler with Shuang Hu
Show Details1hr 16min
Getting Emotionally Jacked with Jeff Perera
Show Details57min 20s
Always Google Your Matches
Show Details43min 21s
The First Episode
Show Details32min 18s
Woke Emotional Abusers feat. Kate Willett
Show Details55min 6s
The Bye Felipe Podcast Trailer
Show Details1min 19s