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Busting Brackets Podcast on College Basketball

FanSided's Busting Brackets Podcast discusses the latest college basketball news, analysis and more from the staff at BustingBrackets.com.


Season 2, Episode 27: Offseason Update, Connor and Brian bid farewell
Show Details55min 59s
Season 2, Episode 26: College Basketball is Dead?
Show Details40min 27s
Season 2, Episode 25: Well...Now What?
Show Details38min 31s
Season 2, Episode 24: Conference Tournaments and the end of the regular season
Show Details1hr 7min
Season 2, Episode 23: The Big 12, the Big Ten, and the first week of conference tournaments
Show Details1hr 18min
Season 2, Episode 22: A very bubbly Pac-12 and SEC
Show Details55min 31s
Season 2, Episode 21: The state of the Big East and ACC
Show Details56min 20s
Season 2, Episode 20: Who are the true National Championship "Contenders"
Show Details1hr 5min
Season 2, Episode 19: It's time to discuss the bubble
Show Details1hr 6min
Season 2, Episode 18: Balling, Brawling and More
Show Details58min 1s
Season 2, Episode 17: Is it time to give up on ranking teams?
Show Details52min 35s
Season 2, Episode 16: Only two months left until March!
Show Details1hr 2min
Season 2, Episode 15: Conference play is upon us
Show Details1hr 5min
Season 2, Episode 14: A season of upsets
Show Details1hr 3min
Season 2, Episode 13: Post-Feast Week Edition
Show Details52min 18s
Season 2, Episode 12: The calm before the storm. The Pre-Pre-Feast Week Cast
Show Details48min 50s
Season 2, Episode 11: We have finally watched actual games!
Show Details1hr 3min
Season 2, Episode 10: 2019-20 College Basketball Season Tip Off
Show Details54min 54s
Season 2, Episode 9: 2019-2020 Big East Basketball Preview
Show Details58min 55s
Season 2, Episode 8 2019-2020 A10 & AAC Basketball Preview
Show Details44min 19s
Season 2, Episode 7: 2019-2020 WCC & Mountain West Basketball Preview
Show Details33min 31s
Season 2, Episode 6: 2019-2020 Pac-12 Basketball Preview
Show Details32min 15s
Season 2, Episode 5: 2019-2020 SEC Basketball Preview
Show Details52min 56s
Season 2, Episode 4: 2019-2020 Big XII Basketball Preview
Show Details49min 16s
Season 2, Episode 3: 2019-2020 B1G Basketball Preview
Show Details48min
Season 2, Episode 2: 2019-2020 ACC Basketball Preview
Show Details47min 3s
Season 2, Episode 1: 2019-2020 Season Tip-Off
Show Details56min 15s
Episode 15: 2019 NBA Draft Fallout & UConn's Big East Return
Show Details45min 27s
Episode 14: Who is staying? Who is leaving?
Show Details54min 30s
Episode 13: Virginia Cuts Down the Nets!
Show Details53min 38s
Episode 12: Elite Eight Reactions and the Final Four Preview
Show Details57min 59s
Episode 11: Sweet 16 Preview & Discussing the Chalky First Weekend
Show Details50min 18s
Episode 10: 2019 NCAA Tournament Primer
Show Details1hr 15min
Episode 9: Championship Week 2 and Selection Sunday Predictions
Show Details1hr 36min
Episode 8: Championship Week 1 and the 'Year of the Mid-Major'
Show Details1hr 14min
Episode 7: West Coast Hoops Extravaganza
Show Details48min 9s
Episode 6: Could a team other than Tennessee or Kentucky win the SEC? And how much should we trust teams out of the American?
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 5: It's Duke vs The Field in the ACC
Show Details47min 46s
Episode 4: Big East & Bracketology with Lukas Harkins
Show Details35min 45s
Episode 3: Can anyone steal the Big 12 Title from Kansas?
Show Details41min 10s
Episode 2: Who will win the Big Ten?
Show Details30min 43s
Episode 1: Non-Conference Play Review
Show Details1hr 3min