Bureau of Dominant Speakers

Get the Best Training and Resources to Become a Top Speaker, Trainer, Coach, & Earn Life Changing Income! Antonio Is A Master A Making Money From Speaking Engagements. He Speakers Over 300 Times A Year. This podcast has 3 hosts, Vince Anderson, Law Loadholt, And Vastine East, all founding members of the Bureau of Dominant Speakers. Hear exclusive events and keynotes that happen with the Bureau and get a very good taste of what goes on, and the very best speaker training in the world from Phil And Susan Sorentino, both Phil and Susan, help Antonio change the world for professional speakers.


ep4 Law Interviews Vince
Show Details43min 57s
ep3 Building A Master Speaker p2
Show Details32min 6s
ep2 Building The Next Master Speaker ep1
Show Details36min 33s
Ep1 Vince And Law Introduce You To BODS And Law Gets Interviewed
Show Details51min 32s
Why High Performers Stop Performing Highly
Show Details55min 52s
How To Prepare A Winning Keynote That Makes You Money
Show Details58min 10s