Bulldog Drummond

Bulldog Drummond is a radio crime drama in the United States. It was broadcast on Mutual April 13, 1941 – March 28, 1954. Garyn G. Roberts wrote in his book, Dick Tracy and American Culture: Morality and Mythology, Text and Context, "With its trademark foghorn, Bulldog Drummond was one of the premiere mystery programs of its time."

Bulldog Drummond was "a British investigator called 'Bulldog' because he was relentless in the pursuit of criminals." The character was created by British author H. C. McNeile. In addition to McNeile's books, Drummond was featured in a series of films from Paramount Pictures in the 1930s. Drummond was described as "a polished man-about-town, whose hobby is crime detection and the apprehension of criminals."

Radio historian John Dunning commented, "With his sidekick Denny, Captain Hugh Drummond solved the usual run of murders, collected the usual run of bumps on the head, and ran afoul of underworld characters ranging from radium thieves to counterfeiters." In a 1948 column in the Oakland Tribune, media critic John Crosby called the program "the first of the more successful exemplars of radio espionage and intrigue."

One notable aspect of Bulldog Drummond was its opening (created by producer-director Himan Brown), which "evoked a London ambiance with footsteps, a foghorn, shots, and three blasts of a police whistle." Following the sound effects, an announcer introduced the program with the line, "Out of the fog ... out of the night ... and into his American adventures ... comes ... Bulldog Drummond."

The program was initially set in Great Britain, but after two months the setting was moved to the United States, thus leading some sources to identify it as The American Adventures of Bulldog Drummond. In another change from the books, the radio program omitted Drummond's wife "and his gaggle of ex-army comrades." He did, however, keep his butler, Denny.


Bulldog Drummond - 00 - White Star and the Ringer
Show Details27min 4s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Geiger Counter
Show Details27min 59s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Help Wanted
Show Details30min 55s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Case of the Atomic Murders
Show Details29min 33s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Death Rides a Racehorse
Show Details25min 24s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Fatal Right
Show Details28min 23s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Death Ship
Show Details28min 15s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Capt Drummond Fights the Nazis
Show Details29min 1s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Axis Submarine
Show Details22min 35s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Bulldog Drummond_xx-xx-xx_(xxx)_Porcelain Ming Cat
Show Details23min 49s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Bulldog Drummond_xx-xx-xx_(xxx)_Death Rides A Racehorse [Next Week Death Loops The Loop]
Show Details25min 24s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Bulldog Drummond_xx-xx-xx_(xxx)_Blind Mans Bluff
Show Details20min 3s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Bulldog Drummond_48-07-14_(348)_The Deadly Stand In --- (PRE-EMPT By Democrat Convention In NY Chicago)
Show Details28min 19s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Bulldog Drummond_48-07-07_(347)_Death Under The Big Top (aka-Murder At The Circus The Circus)
Show Details27min 53s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Bulldog Drummond_48-06-16_(344)_Death In The Deep (aka-Murder Off Catalina Death Ship)
Show Details30min 18s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Bulldog Drummond_48-05-12_(339)_The Island Of Death (aka-Fiery Island Island Of Hate)
Show Details25min 58s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Bulldog Drummond_48-04-28_(337)_Murder Has An Open Mind (aka-The Penny Arcade Huberts Museum)
Show Details24min 56s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Bulldog Drummond_48-04-21_(336)_Ghost Town (aka-Devil Flats)
Show Details24min 26s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Bulldog Drummond_47-12-24_(319)_Murder Leaves A Lonely Trail (aka-The Bookstore Lonely Trail)
Show Details25min 7s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Bulldog Drummond_47-01-17_(283)_Claim Check On Death (aka-Claim Check Murders Atomic Murders Geiger Counter)
Show Details29min 33s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Bulldog Drummond_45-09-24_(214)_Escape Into Death
Show Details25min 6s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Bulldog Drummond_45-09-10_(212)_Murder In The Death House
Show Details24min 34s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Bulldog Drummond_45-08-13_(208)_Help Wanted
Show Details30min 55s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Bulldog Drummond_45-05-07_(194)_Murder In The Moonlight
Show Details24min 20s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Bulldog Drummond_45-04-23_(192)_Dinner Of Death
Show Details27min 36s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Bulldog Drummond_42-01-25_(031)_--- (Martin Gabel Quondam Shadow Fills In For George Coulouris)
Show Details27min 54s
Bulldog Drummond - 00 - Bulldog Drummond_41-09-28_(014)_Hijackers (aka-Richards Mob)
Show Details31min 14s