S.2 Ep. 9: Beyond Adversity: Game-Changing Culture Habits with Marybeth Wade

36m | May 15, 2024

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Today Dr. Jay Raines is joined by Marybeth Wade, Owner-Operator at Chick-fil-A Jacksonsville in Jacksonville, TX. From her humble beginnings at Chick-Fil-A in 1999 to her current role as a successful owner-operator, Marybeth's path has been anything but straightforward. She opens up about the numerous "no's" she faced along the way and how she leveraged each setback as an opportunity for growth. Marybeth shares how playing sports, like hockey and football, has helped shape her and given her a competitive spirit, something that has helped drive her to where she is today. Together, Dr. Jay and Marybeth dive into how she intentionally weaves culture through all aspects of the organization and gains buy-in from different levels of the organization. Marybeth highlights her organization's unique Culture Brand and how it has positively impacted their growth, including decreasing turnover by 25% in four months. Her leadership journey serves as a powerful testament to the transformative power of resilience, perseverance, and the cultivation of game-changing culture habits.

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Time stamps: 

(00:00 - 01:12) Intro

(01:13 - 03:11) Leadership Superpower & Kryptonite

(03:12 - 08:08) A Winning Spirit Through Sports

(08:09 - 16:32) Intentional Culture Building Practices

(16:33 - 19:55) The Next Level of Culture Development

(19:56 - 24:13) Where the Impact is Happening

(24:14 - 30:53) Facing “No” Along the Way

(30:54 - 35:36) Failing Towards Success

(35:37 - 36:35) Closing

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