Gate Ministries Dundee

Gate Ministries Dundee, is located in the small town of Dundee, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.


Listen To God's Word
Show Details1hr 3min
Corresponding Action
Show Details48min 54s
Take Your Position
Show Details56min 34s
Show Details58min 30s
Christmas Message
Show Details53min 28s
Understanding David
Show Details52min 58s
Do Not Harden Your Heart
Show Details38min 39s
Humble Yourself
Show Details40min 30s
Be The Light
Show Details35min 29s
Sowing Good Seed
Show Details50min 29s
Living a Life of Forgiveness
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Conditioning (Part 3)
Show Details34min 38s
Conditioning (Part 2)
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The Power in The Seed
Show Details59min 3s
When The Righteous Rule (Part 2)
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When The Righteous Rule
Show Details47min 37s
Seeking God's Counsel
Show Details52min 52s
Build In A Time Of Crisis
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