Build for Impact

Build for Impact, hosted by Daniel Huard, LEED, is your go-to B2B green building platform. Through his interviews with B2B thought leaders, Daniel builds a platform for collaboration with some of the best green design and sustainability minds in the world.


Why Transparency Is One Ingredient In The Formula of Creating Safe Buildings
Show Details34min 9s
Developing Tools for a Sustainability Strategy
Show Details28min 37s
Building Growth Through Transparent Engineering with Dennis Berlien of Glumac
Show Details32min 23s
How to Approach Sustainability in Healthcare Design: Build for Impact
Show Details33min 46s
How to Approach Design with Public Health in Mind
Show Details26min 27s
Finding Interconnectedness in the Pillars of Green Building
Show Details35min 40s
Structuring the Future of Green Building
Show Details33min 36s
A New Green Building Podcast
Show Details10min 38s