Brush Up on EMS

When seconds count in the world of public safety, we don't have time to learn new things in the middle of a call. The time to brush up on your old skills is when your relaxing. Join me with this podcast to revisit some of those forgotten techniques or maybe even teach you something new.


Beat The Devil Out Of Your Patient Assessment!
Show Details18min
Why It Is Okay To Suck!
Show Details28min 42s
Dress Your Tourniquet For Success
Show Details13min 57s
Tigers, Lions, and Cougars Oh My!!!
Show Details10min 58s
Friday Night Lights Out, Recognizing Concussions
Show Details14min 16s
Diabetic Technology Saves Lives!
Show Details20min 56s
I Can’t Hold It Any Longer!
Show Details20min 7s
The Dynamic Duo, ETCO2 and CPAP🚑
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The STROKE Explosion 💥
Show Details11min 1s
“Use The Force , Jedi Ob-Gyn Ask More Questions” 🤰🏼
Show Details15min 29s
Dispatcher Assisted CPR Saves Lives 🤘
Show Details12min 13s
A MAP📜 to Direct You to Sepsis
Show Details11min 29s
Refusing to Refuse Refusals🙄
Show Details7min 38s
Web 2.0?? Flipgrid??
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What the NREMT didn't teach you about burnout! 🔥🔥
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Burnout, find the direction in the darkness!!
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To Sleepy to Work 😴
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Dealing With Stress, A Cup of Coffee at Time!
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Beat That NREMT Test
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Drive Faster, They Stink!!
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The Time Drain, watching your precious minutes disappear.
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Declaring war on laziness !!
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Which is which, dealing with respiratory pH
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Should we really be the gatekeepers of our profession
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Losing a grip with our emotions! "Death"
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Touching the Past
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Brush Up on EMS (Trailer)
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