Bro Love Cast

Eggy, Ian, and Mike D: friends since they were toddlers, tackle all things sports with a focus on Philadelphia sports. Ian, the super fan, Mike, the pop-culture savy sports aficionado, and Eggy, the former athlete that has lost touch with sports fandom, go head-to-head and debate all relevant sports topics.


Shit that Happened in 60 Seconds
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Shit that Happened in 60 Seconds
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Shit that Happened in 60 Seconds
Show Details1min 56s
Chubbs Peterson
Show Details53min 59s
NBA Playoffs & NFL Week 1 Reaction, NFL Week 2 Preview
Show Details1hr 16min
76ers Season Recap
Show Details1hr 15min
Tua's Serenade
Show Details54min 2s
Eggys Backyard in East Fair
Show Details1hr 18min
2020 BLC NFL Draft Coverage
Show Details1hr 23min
Are We Going Crazy?
Show Details1hr 9min
Virtual Beers for the Boys
Show Details1hr 2min
NFL Free Agency & NBA COVID-19 Reaction & Pineapple XXXpress
Show Details47min 31s
Interview with Yaron Weitzman, Author of new book: Tanking to the Top
Show Details22min 5s
Coronavirus Reaction with Michigan Assoc. HC Phil Martelli
Show Details10min 11s
Interview with Casey Alexander, Head Coach of the Belmont University Bruins
Show Details13min 49s
The Beercast
Show Details58min 14s
Interview with Fran Dunphy, Former Temple & Penn MBB Head Coach & Winningest Coach in Big 5 History
Show Details43min 59s
Interview with Vince Quinn, Host from CBS Sports Radio & 94WIP
Show Details36min 31s
Interview with Joey Crawford, Retired NBA Referee of 40+ Years
Show Details1hr 5min
NBA Trade Deadline Reaction
Show Details38min 14s
Super Bowl 54 Preview & Interview with Former KS Chief Tackle, Curtis Feigt
Show Details45min 5s
Kobe Tribute & Philly State of the Union with Joe Giglio from 94WIP
Show Details49min 48s
Interview with ESPN's Joe Lunardi
Show Details41min 41s
NFL Championship Playoff Round Preview
Show Details52min
The Best Football Weekend of the Year
Show Details30min 37s
The Car Cast
Show Details47min 47s
Ryan Leaf College Football Bowl Predictions Interview
Show Details23min 48s
The Revenge of the Practice Squad ft Brendan Johnson
Show Details1hr 13min
Oui, je parle français, ft. Joe Kindler and Joe Barba
Show Details1hr 16min
Call It a Hurricane
Show Details58min 28s
The Century Mark Featuring JM and Kirby
Show Details1hr 6min
Big 5 Preview with Penn Assistant Basketball Coach, Trey Montgomery
Show Details57min 58s
Keep This Train Moving
Show Details58min 42s
Fletcher Cox's Shotgun
Show Details1hr 4min
Free Money Featuring Bike Diminick
Show Details1hr 13min
76ers Preview with Michael KB from CBS Sports
Show Details24min 1s
Naked in the Club Suite
Show Details51min 39s
Interview with Will Watters, Former Fullback from San Diego State
Show Details58min 18s
Welcome to the Club
Show Details56min 22s
The Moose is Loose
Show Details1hr 13min
Flyers Season Preview with Sam Carchidi from the Philadephia Inquirer
Show Details23min 23s
Tank Half Full
Show Details58min 31s
Football & Kona Big Wave
Show Details57min 49s
Race to Improve
Show Details55min 49s
Whiskey and Sports
Show Details57min 49s
2019 MLB Season Overview (So Far)
Show Details42min 37s
Interview with NY Jet: Jordan Morgan
Show Details40min 28s
Shaved is a Choice, Bald is a Condition
Show Details50min 31s
NBA Free Agency Instant Reaction
Show Details27min 18s
NBA Draft Preview x NBA Finals Takeaways x NBA Offseason Chatter
Show Details40min 25s
Phil Martelli Interview & NBA Finals Game 5 Recap
Show Details29min 5s
Pardon the Disruption
Show Details20min 12s
76ers Season Recap, NBA Playoffs Predictions, GoT Reaction
Show Details54min 55s
Game 7 Recap
Show Details30min 42s
Game 6 Recap in 20 minutes with NBA Specialist: David Martin
Show Details20min 7s
Sixers VS Raptors Game 5 Recap in 20 Minutes
Show Details27min 42s
Game 4 Recap in 15 Minutes
Show Details18min 18s
Sixers VS Raptors Game 3 Recap in 10 Min with NBA Specialist: Matt Brosious
Show Details14min 57s
War Chant
Show Details58min 12s
March Madness 2019
Show Details1hr 12min
The Big Dance
Show Details1hr 6min
NHL Season Update
Show Details25min 17s
The Space Jam Special
Show Details1hr 11min
The NBA Special: Welcome Mike Dim as 3rd Member
Show Details1hr 14min
Mike Muscala Interview (76ers Forward)
Show Details46min 37s
No Señor, las águilas son victoriosas, Saints Preview
Show Details54min 25s
They Don't Want Us feat. Mike Jensen (Philadelphia Inquirer)
Show Details1hr 19min
Christmas Session
Show Details1hr 1min
Interview with Langston Galloway (Detroit Pistons Guard)
Show Details36min 15s
Eagles vs Redskins Pregame
Show Details54min 25s
People of the Past
Show Details1hr 1min
Carson W-INTZ & Jimmy Buckets featuring Danny & Brendan Johnson
Show Details53min 5s
Winners Win Featuring Killian
Show Details37min 54s
Keep on Truckin'
Show Details34min 6s
2018 NBA Season Preview (+ Eagles talk)
Show Details1hr 44min
The Super Bowl 52 Hangover
Show Details46min 51s
Eagles vs Titans Recap & Vikings Preview
Show Details36min 13s
Carson is Back & GM = Elton Brand
Show Details31min 13s
Football Season with Shane Gillis
Show Details1hr 29min
Hurricane Florence the Machine: Eagles Week 1 Recap, Week 2 Preview
Show Details56min 27s
Eagles vs Falcons Preview & Ralph Baker Interview, SuperBowl 3 Champion & NYJET
Show Details1hr 27min
Football is Back featuring Joe Kindler
Show Details1hr 15min
Two for Flinching
Show Details1hr 8min
Interview with ESPN's Michael KB, Steelers Preview, Browns Preview
Show Details53min 39s
"My Haters Became My Elevators"
Show Details1hr 21min
The Quiet Storm
Show Details1hr 8min
Interview with Pro Basketball Player, Isaiah Miles
Show Details1hr 5min
Gortat's Assless Chaps & Elfrid Payton's Natural Visor
Show Details1hr 16min
The World Cup Special Featuring Bobby Warshaw
Show Details58min 32s
Professor Big Shots featuring Mike Diminick
Show Details1hr 16min
The Swamp featuring Sparky Crossen
Show Details1hr 27min
Star Hunting Featuring Katie Lenz
Show Details1hr 18min
Jesus of North Philadelphia featuring Kevin Agnew and Perrry Mattern
Show Details1hr 10min
The Come Up feat. Doctor Megan Cannon and Dylan DeFrank
Show Details1hr 21min
Stanley Cup Finals Game 4 Review
Show Details25min 31s
NBA Finals Game 1 Review - Game 2 Preview
Show Details42min 37s
Colangelo's Burner Accounts
Show Details32min 3s
Larry Legend
Show Details1hr 8min
The Big Aristotle
Show Details1hr 18min
Shane Battier
Show Details1hr 31min
Turn the 0-2 into the 0-3 #Lebronto
Show Details1hr 14min
Find out the Why
Show Details1hr 14min
Draft Day Preview
Show Details39min 21s
Process or Die
Show Details1hr 28min
Fresh Prince and Jazzy Joel
Show Details1hr 10min
NCAA MBB National Championship Preview
Show Details25min 13s
The Mamba
Show Details1hr 21min
His Airness
Show Details1hr 16min
Larry's Not White, Larry's Clear
Show Details1hr 46min
Three Billboards Outside Cleveland
Show Details1hr 31min
Corruption, Irruption, and Disruptions
Show Details1hr 18min
Activist, House-Party-Enthusiast
Show Details1hr 13min
The Puppy That Lost His Way
Show Details1hr 29min
The Philly Special - The Eagles are Super Bowl Champions!
Show Details1hr 1min
Super Bowl LII Preview dedicated to Mike Holder
Show Details1hr 19min
The Emergency Podcast - The Eagles are Going to Super Bowl LII
Show Details28min 55s
"The NFC Championship is coming through us!"
Show Details1hr 11min
You Remind Me of a Girl feat. Joe Lunardi
Show Details1hr 38min
Is It Still Cold Outside?
Show Details1hr 33min
The Christmas Special
Show Details1hr 30min
Ramona Shelburne
Show Details1hr 16min
Once Upon a Time Not So Long Ago
Show Details1hr 23min
The Ocho: Mark of a Fool?
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Big Ole Pale White Butt
Show Details1hr 18min
Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while ft Chris White
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Accidental Text on Purpose
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J.J. is so hot right now.
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Standing in Place
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All My Eggies Do Yoga
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Podcast Preview
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