Bro Love Cast

Eggy, Ian, and Mike D: friends since they were toddlers, tackle all things sports with a focus on Philadelphia sports. Ian, the super fan, Mike, the pop-culture savy sports aficionado, and Eggy, the former athlete that has lost touch with sports fandom, go head-to-head and debate all relevant sports topics.


Episode 94: Naked in the Club Suite
Show Details51min 39s
Episode 93: Interview with Will Watters, Former Fullback from San Diego State
Show Details58min 18s
Episode 92: Welcome to the Club
Show Details56min 22s
Episode 91: The Moose is Loose
Show Details1hr 13min
Episode 90: Flyers Season Preview with Sam Carchidi from the Philadephia Inquirer
Show Details23min 23s
Episode 89: Tank Half Full
Show Details58min 31s
Episode 88: Football & Kona Big Wave
Show Details57min 49s
Episode 87: Race to Improve
Show Details55min 49s
Episode 86: Whiskey and Sports
Show Details57min 49s
Episode 85: 2019 MLB Season Overview (So Far)
Show Details42min 37s
Episode 84: Interview with NY Jet: Jordan Morgan
Show Details40min 28s
Episode 83: Shaved is a Choice, Bald is a Condition
Show Details50min 31s
Episode 82: NBA Free Agency Instant Reaction
Show Details27min 18s
Episode 81: NBA Draft Preview x NBA Finals Takeaways x NBA Offseason Chatter
Show Details40min 25s
Episode 80: Phil Martelli Interview & NBA Finals Game 5 Recap
Show Details29min 5s
Episode 79: Pardon the Disruption
Show Details20min 12s
Episode 78: 76ers Season Recap, NBA Playoffs Predictions, GoT Reaction
Show Details54min 55s
Episode 77: Game 7 Recap
Show Details30min 42s
Episode 76: Game 6 Recap in 20 minutes with NBA Specialist: David Martin
Show Details20min 7s
Episode 75: Sixers VS Raptors Game 5 Recap in 20 Minutes
Show Details27min 42s
Episode 74: Game 4 Recap in 15 Minutes
Show Details18min 18s
Episode 73: Sixers VS Raptors Game 3 Recap in 10 Min with NBA Specialist: Matt Brosious
Show Details14min 57s
Episode 72: War Chant
Show Details58min 12s
Episode 71: March Madness 2019
Show Details1hr 12min
Episode 70: The Big Dance
Show Details1hr 6min
Episode 69: NHL Season Update
Show Details25min 17s
Episode 68: The Space Jam Special
Show Details1hr 11min
Episode 67: The NBA Special: Welcome Mike Dim as 3rd Member
Show Details1hr 14min
Episode 66: Mike Muscala Interview (76ers Forward)
Show Details46min 37s
Episode 65: No Señor, las águilas son victoriosas, Saints Preview
Show Details54min 25s
Episode 64: They Don't Want Us feat. Mike Jensen (Philadelphia Inquirer)
Show Details1hr 19min
Episode 63: Christmas Session
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 62: Interview with Langston Galloway (Detroit Pistons Guard)
Show Details36min 15s
Episode 61: Eagles vs Redskins Pregame
Show Details54min 25s
Episode 60: People of the Past
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 59: Carson W-INTZ & Jimmy Buckets featuring Danny & Brendan Johnson
Show Details53min 5s
Episode 58: Winners Win Featuring Killian
Show Details37min 54s
Episode 57: Keep on Truckin'
Show Details34min 6s
Episode 56: 2018 NBA Season Preview (+ Eagles talk)
Show Details1hr 44min
Episode 55: The Super Bowl 52 Hangover
Show Details46min 51s
Episode 54: Eagles vs Titans Recap & Vikings Preview
Show Details36min 13s
Episode 53: Carson is Back & GM = Elton Brand
Show Details31min 13s
Episode 52: Football Season with Shane Gillis
Show Details1hr 29min
Episode 51: Hurricane Florence the Machine: Eagles Week 1 Recap, Week 2 Preview
Show Details56min 27s
Episode 50: Eagles vs Falcons Preview & Ralph Baker Interview, SuperBowl 3 Champion & NYJET
Show Details1hr 27min
Episode 49: Football is Back feat Joe Kindler
Show Details1hr 15min
Episode 48: Two for Flinching
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 47: Interview with ESPN's Michael KB, Steelers Preview, Browns Preview
Show Details53min 39s
Episode 46: "My Haters Became My Elevators"
Show Details1hr 21min
Episode 45: The Quiet Storm
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 44: Interview with Pro Basketball Player, Isaiah Miles
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 43: Gortat's Assless Chaps & Elfrid Payton's Natural Visor
Show Details1hr 16min
Episode 42: The World Cup Special Featuring Bobby Warshaw
Show Details58min 32s
Episode 41: Professor Big Shots feat. Mike Diminick
Show Details1hr 16min
Episode 40: The Swamp featuring Sparky Crossen
Show Details1hr 27min
Episode 39: Star Hunting Featuring Katie Lenz
Show Details1hr 18min
Episode 38: Jesus of North Philadelphia featuring Kevin Agnew and Perrry Mattern
Show Details1hr 10min
Episode 37: The Come Up feat. Doctor Megan Cannon and Dylan DeFrank
Show Details1hr 21min
Episode 36: Stanley Cup Finals Game 4 Review
Show Details25min 31s
Episode 35: NBA Finals Game 1 Review - Game 2 Preview
Show Details42min 37s
Episode 34: Colangelo's Burner Accounts
Show Details32min 3s
Episode 33: Larry Legend
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 32: The Big Aristotle
Show Details1hr 18min
Episode 31: Shane Battier
Show Details1hr 31min
Episode 30: Turn the 0-2 into the 0-3 #Lebronto
Show Details1hr 14min
Episode 29: Find out the Why
Show Details1hr 14min
Episode 28: Draft Day Preview
Show Details39min 21s
Episode 27: Process or Die
Show Details1hr 28min
Episode 26: Fresh Prince and Jazzy Joel
Show Details1hr 10min
Episode 25: NCAA MBB National Championship Preview
Show Details25min 13s
Episode 24: The Mamba
Show Details1hr 21min
Episode 23: His Airness
Show Details1hr 16min
Episode 22: Larry's Not White, Larry's Clear
Show Details1hr 46min
Episode 21: Three Billboards Outside Cleveland
Show Details1hr 31min
Episode 20: Corruption, Irruption, and Disruptions
Show Details1hr 18min
Episode 19: Activist, House-Party-Enthusiast
Show Details1hr 13min
Episode 18: The Puppy That Lost His Way
Show Details1hr 29min
Episode 17: The Philly Special - The Eagles are Super Bowl Champions!
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 16: Super Bowl LII Preview dedicated to Mike Holder
Show Details1hr 19min
Episode 15: The Emergency Podcast - The Eagles are Going to Super Bowl LII
Show Details28min 55s
Episode 14: "The NFC Championship is coming through us!"
Show Details1hr 11min
Episode 13: You Remind Me of a Girl feat. Joe Lunardi
Show Details1hr 38min
Episode 12: Is It Still Cold Outside?
Show Details1hr 33min
Episode 11: The Christmas Special
Show Details1hr 30min
Episode 10: Ramona Shelburne
Show Details1hr 16min
Episode 9: Once Upon a Time Not So Long Ago
Show Details1hr 23min
Episode 8: The Ocho: Mark of a Fool?
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 7: Big Ole Pale White Butt
Show Details1hr 18min
Episode 6: Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while ft Chris White
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 5: Accidental Text on Purpose
Show Details51min 22s
Episode 4: J.J. is so hot right now.
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 3: Standing in Place
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 2: All My Eggies Do Yoga
Show Details42min 6s
Episode 1: Podcast Preview
Show Details7min 18s