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British Wrestling Experience

On BWE: Martin, Benno & Andy discuss all the major happenings from the British wrestling scene including PROGRESS, RevPro, NXT UK & much more. On BTWA: Martin & Andrew revisit memorable events from wrestling‘s past.


The World Transfer Window 2022 (24 Hour Charity Stream)
Show Details1hr 55min
BTWA #21: The Final Adventure
Show Details2hr 29min
BWE: RevPro Epic Encounter, Progress, WES, Will Ospreay in AEW
Show Details1hr 32min
BTWA #20: RevPro/NJPW Global Wars Night Two (2016)
Show Details57min 28s
BWE: Progress Ch 132/133, WWE Clash at the Castle, RevPro
Show Details1hr 47min
BTWA #19: WWE Cruiserweight Classic (2016)
Show Details1hr 43min
BWE: WWE Stadium Show, Progress Ch. 130, 1PW’s return
Show Details1hr 30min
BTWA #18: Scott Hall Retrospective
Show Details1hr 22min
BWE: Michael Oku vs Luke Jacobs, NXT UK, Progress, wXw
Show Details1hr 12min
BTWA #17: Bret Hart WWE Documentary (2005)
Show Details1hr 25min
BWE: Michael Oku Interview, RevPro High Stakes, Progress, GCW in the UK
Show Details2hr 4min
BTWA #16: WWE No Way Out (2003)
Show Details1hr 48min
BWE: Ospreay vs Okada, WALTER, Likely/Unlikely, Get In the Bin
Show Details1hr 59min
BWE Special: Progress Wrestling sold
Show Details21min 36s
The Big Fat Wrestling Quiz Of The Year 2021
Show Details1hr 55min
BWE: RevPro Uprising, NXT UK, WWE Releases
Show Details1hr 21min
BTWA #15: ROH Final Battle (2005)
Show Details1hr 39min
BWE: A-Kid vs. Ilja Dragunov, Michael Oku vs. Will Ospreay, wXw 16 Carat
Show Details1hr 48min
BWE Special: Andy Quildan (RevPro) Interview
Show Details2hr 23min
BTWA #14: WWE King of the Ring (2002)
Show Details2hr 17min
BWE: RevPro High Stakes, Zack Sabre Jr. in G1, Progress 122
Show Details1hr 51min
BWE: World Transfer Window 2021
Show Details1hr 40min
BTWA #13: Pro Wrestling Guerilla – Black Cole Sun (2014)
Show Details1hr 30min
BWE: Walter vs Dragunov, RevPro 9th Anniversary, Charlie Morgan
Show Details1hr 33min
BTWA #12: NXT TakeOver – New Orleans (2018)
Show Details1hr 34min
BWE: Walter vs Dragunov, Pete Dunne, Peacock in the UK, RevPro
Show Details1hr 47min
GRAPPL Spotlight (BWE 12 Hour Charity Stream FINAL)
Show Details1hr 3min
Glitbiter (BWE 12 Hour Charity Stream Pt. 10)
Show Details53min 9s
Nate Milton (BWE 12 Hour Charity Stream Pt. 9)
Show Details57min 32s
John Pollock (BWE 12 Hour Charity Stream Pt. 8)
Show Details57min 55s
Scrump & Andrew Thompson (BWE 12 Hour Charity Stream Pt. 7)
Show Details1hr 2min
Chris Bournea (BWE 12 Hour Charity Stream Pt. 6)
Show Details46min 28s
Robert Pearson, James & Wai Ting (BWE 12 Hour Charity Stream Pt. 5)
Show Details58min 19s
Sarah & Sarah (BWE 12 Hour Charity Stream Pt. 4)
Show Details59min 26s
Jordan Goodman (BWE 12 Hour Charity Stream Pt. 3)
Show Details58min 11s
Will Cooling (BWE 12 Hour Charity Stream Pt. 2)
Show Details57min 24s
Benno & John Lister (BWE 12 Hour Charity Stream Pt. 1)
Show Details1hr 48min
BTWA #11: CM Punk – Best in the World (2012)
Show Details1hr 45min
BWE: NXT UK, Doudrop, Progress 114, RevPro Tag League
Show Details1hr 38min
BTWA #10: WWE SummerSlam (2002)
Show Details1hr 39min
BWE: Kay Lee Ray vs Meiko Satomura, Progress 112, Anthony Ogogo, Speaking Out
Show Details1hr 51min
BTWA #9: Beyond The Mat (1999) w/ Andy Quildan
Show Details2hr 24min
BWE: Ospreay vs. Shingo, NXT UK, Progress, RevPro-MLW
Show Details1hr 35min
BTWA #8: The Rise & Fall of ECW (2004) w/ John Lister
Show Details2hr 13min
BWE: APPG Report on BritWres, WALTER, Will Ospreay wins IWGP title
Show Details1hr 51min
BWE: The History of WCW in Europe w/ Gary Michael Cappetta
Show Details55min 19s
BTWA #7: NXT TakeOver – Dallas (2016) w/ Omar Pleya
Show Details1hr 22min
Sting: Roundtable
Show Details1hr 46min
Progress returns, RevPro, Meiko Satomura vs Kay Lee Ray, wXw
Show Details1hr 51min
BTWA #6: Eddie Guerrero ‘Cheating Death, Stealing Life’ (2004) w/ Neal Flanagan
Show Details1hr 51min
Meiko Satomura in NXT UK, Dunne vs. Balor, RevPro, Daniel Bryan in wXw
Show Details1hr 58min
BTWA #5: WWE Royal Rumble (2002) w/ Chad Gelfand & Kris Ealy
Show Details2hr 17min
WALTER vs. A-Kid, Tyler Bate, Ben Carter, Marty Scurll, Likely/Unlikely
Show Details2hr 7min
Kenny Omega: Roundtable
Show Details2hr 26min
BTWA #4: NJPW King of Pro Wrestling (2016) w/ Sonal Lad
Show Details1hr 30min
Will Ospreay vs. RKJ, RevPro Epic Encounters 5 & 6, Ospreay doc, NXT UK, Pete Dunne
Show Details1hr 52min
BTWA #3: ROH Manhattan Mayhem II (2007) w/ Righteous Reg & Benno
Show Details1hr 55min
WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov, RevPro Epic Encounters 4, wXw, Ryan Smile, Tracy Smothers
Show Details2hr
BTWA #2: Impact Wrestling Slammiversary XVI (2018)
Show Details1hr 44min
RevPro Epic Encounters 2 & 3, NXT UK, Speaking Out, Promotions re-starting
Show Details1hr 53min
BTWA #1: WWE WrestleMania XIX w/ Nate Milton
Show Details2hr 34min
RevPro Epic Encounters 1, NXT UK returns, Benjamin Carter, Gabriel Kidd
Show Details1hr 35min
Mark “Rollerball” Rocco, WWE Network, RevPro return, AEW releases
Show Details1hr 28min
BWE Retro Edition: WWF Rebellion 2001
Show Details2hr 19min
Wrestling Resurgence Project with Dr. Claire Warden & Sam West
Show Details1hr 1min
#SpeakingOut (continued), WWE releases, Matt Riddle, wXw, OTT, Fight Club Pro
Show Details1hr 52min
Show Details1hr 41min
BWE Retro Edition: WWF UK Rampage (1992)
Show Details2hr 10min
The BWE Mixtape Vol. 1
Show Details2hr 24min
The Big Euro Transfer Window
Show Details1hr 48min
Riptide Wrestling “The Storm”
Show Details1hr 46min
BWE Retro Edition: ROH Unified (2006)
Show Details3hr 26min
BWE Retro Edition: TWC International Showdown (2005)
Show Details1hr 59min
COVID-19 Crisis in Euro Wrestling, wXw 16 Carat Gold, WrestleTalk Showcase
Show Details2hr 45min
Progress 103, RevPro High Stakes, OTT ScrapperMania, wXw 16 Carat
Show Details2hr 30min
BWE Special: Josh Bevan (RIPTIDE Wrestling) Interview
Show Details2hr 17min
Progress 101 & 102, Worlds Collide, Ospreay vs ZSJ, Timothy Thatcher
Show Details2hr 23min
Best Of The 2010s
Show Details2hr 26min
NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool 2 POST show
Show Details2hr 21min
Year In Review 2019
Show Details2hr 55min
BWE 11/29/19: Rev Pro British J Cup, Survivor Series Weekend, Mail Bag
Show Details2hr 7min
BWE 11/15/19: Progress Chapter 97, ICW Fear & Loathing 12, Rev Pro
Show Details1hr 56min
BWE 11/1/19: OTT 5th Anniversary – Jordan Devlin vs. David Starr
Show Details1hr 33min
BWE 10/18/19: wXw World Tag Festival, Breed Starrcave, Progress Ch. 96
Show Details2hr 1min
BWE 10/2/19: Riptide Bank Holiday, OTT Martina’s Gaff Party, Fight Club Pro, AEW/ITV
Show Details2hr 17min
BWE 9/18/19: OTT Road to 5th Anniversary, Daniel Makabe Interview
Show Details2hr 36min
BWE Special: NJPW Royal Quest, NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff, RevPro Summer Sizzler
Show Details2hr 21min
BWE Special: The Greatest Matches Ever Held in the UK
Show Details1hr 55min
BWE 8/21/19: Progress Toronto, wXw Ambition, ROH UK Tour
Show Details1hr 57min
BWE 8/7/19: Defiant closes, Jim Smallman leaves Progress, OTT So It Is, Sendai Girls UK, wXw
Show Details2hr 2min
BWE 7/24/19: FCP Project Whitewolf, Progress 92, OTT, Fighting Spirit Magazine ends
Show Details1hr 26min
BWE 7/10/19: Progress Ch. 90 & 92, EVE Wrestle Queendom 2, Riptide Wrestling
Show Details1hr 41min
BWE 6/26/19: OTT Wrestlerama, WWE on BT Sport, Chris Brookes in a pool, Half Year Report, Lionheart
Show Details2hr 20min
BWE 6/12/19: NXT UK TakeOver, OTT Banjaxed, WAW Fightmare, Janela vs. Jordan
Show Details1hr 27min
BWE 5/29/19: Dunne vs Walter 2, AEW on ITV4, WWE on BT Sports, WAW Fightmare
Show Details1hr 49min
BWE 5/15/19: Progress Super Strong Style 16, Rev Pro Epic Encounter, ITV/AEW
Show Details1hr 55min
BWE 5/1/19: Riptide Rumble, Fight Club Pro Dream Tag Invitational, For The Love Of Wrestling Convention, Progress, NXT UK, OTT
Show Details1hr 21min
BWE 4/17/19: Court Bauer on MLW in UK, Progress Ch. 87, WrestleMania Weekend
Show Details1hr 39min
BWE 4/4/19: FCP International Tekkers, Pete Dunne vs WALTER, WrestleMania Weekend
Show Details1hr 51min
BWE 3/20/19: OTT Scrappermania V, WXW 16 Carat Gold, NXT UK, NJPW
Show Details1hr 36min
BWE 3/6/19: Progress Chapter 84, NXT UK, WXW 16 Carat, Breed Pro Wrestling
Show Details1hr 40min
BWE 2/20/19: Rev Pro High Stakes, OTT Homecoming 2, NXT UK, PCW In Blackpool, WXW, ICW
Show Details1hr 30min
BWE 2/6/19: Progress Chapter 83, NXT UK, Worlds Collide, OTT, EVE, Rev Pro
Show Details1hr 45min
BWE 1/23/19: NXT UK, ITV World Of Sport Tour, PAC vs. ZSJ, Progress, OTT, Fight Club Pro
Show Details1hr 31min
BWE Special: NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool POST Show
Show Details1hr 12min
BWE 1/9/19: Progress Unboxing 3, NXT UK TakeOver, Brits In Japan
Show Details1hr 7min
BWE Special: Best Of British & European Wrestling 2018
Show Details3hr 12min
BWE 12/12/18: Progress Ch. 80 & 81, ICW Fear & Loathing 11, Rev Pro TV, NXT UK, WXW, PAC, Dynamite Kid
Show Details1hr 32min
BWE 11/28/18: NXT UK, WALTER, OTT Redemption, EVE She-1, ICW Fear & Loathing
Show Details1hr 28min
BWE 11/14/18: RevPro Uprising, Progress Ch. 77 & 78, NXT UK
Show Details1hr 19min
BWE 10/31/18: Attack Goosebumps 6, Rev Pro TV, Global Wars UK, OTT 4th Anniversary, NXT UK, PAC
Show Details1hr 15min
BWE 10/17/18: WWE NXT UK, wXw Tag League, Defiant Fight or Flight, Progress
Show Details1hr 2min
BWE 10/3/18: Progress at Wembley, wXw Tag League, Carlos Romo, WOS Finale
Show Details1hr 32min
BWE 9/19/18: Fight Club Pro, MediaCon, British J Cup, World Of Sport, La Triple W
Show Details1hr 8min
BWE 9/5/18: Progress Ch. 75, OTT Wrestlerama 2, Defiant Stacked ‘18, World Of Sport, Wrestling MediaCon
Show Details1hr 19min
BWE 8/22/18: Revolution Pro Summer Sizzler, World Of Sport, Doc Dean, NXT UK.
Show Details1hr 16min
BWE Special: Daniel Richardson Interview
Show Details2hr 22min
BWE 8/8/18: Progress Chapter 74, World Of Sport, WXW Update, NXT UK, Revolution Pro Wrestling
Show Details1hr 1min
BWE Special: World of Sport
Show Details44min 10s
BWE 7/25/18: Progress Chapter 73, Fight Club Pro International Tekkers, Spanish Wrestling Scene, ROH UK Tour
Show Details59min 28s
BWE 7/11/18: NJPW/RevPro Strong Style Evolved UK, Frontline Wrestling
Show Details1hr 10min
BWE 6/27/18: WWE UK Championship Tournament, Frontline Wrestling
Show Details1hr 5min
BWE 6/13/18: OTT A Haven For Monsters, Progress Chapter 71, Rev Pro Live In Southampton, Strong Style Evolved UK
Show Details58min 16s
BWE 5/30/18: OTT Scrappermania, Progress Be Here Now, WWE UK, UFC in Liverpool
Show Details56min 38s
BWE 5/16/18: WWE UK, SSS16, Epic Encounter, Wrestle Queendom, World of Sport
Show Details53min 14s
BWE 5/2/18: Defiant No Regrets, wXw True Colours, World Of Sport, Super Strong Style 16
Show Details1hr 2min
BWE 4/18/18: WWE UK returns, ITV World of Sport rumours, RevPro Live in New Orleans
Show Details50min 45s
BWE 4/4/18: FCP Dream Tag Team Invitational, Progress Ch. 65, NJPW in UK, Ospreay vs. Scurll
Show Details55min 14s
BWE 3/21/18: wXw 16 Carat Gold, ZSJ in New Japan Cup, Demise of 5 Star Wrestling
Show Details1hr 9min
BWE 3/8/18: Progress Chapter 64, Fight Club: PRO “A Tribute To Francois Trebec”, wXw 16 Carat Preview, 5 Star
Show Details49min 56s
BWE 2/22/18: OTT Homecoming, ICW Square GO, Progress Chapter 63, Tetsujin
Show Details52min 17s
BWE 2/8/18: Progress Chapter 62, FCP/Attack WrestleHouse, 5 Star
Show Details47min 14s
BWE 1/24/18: RevPro High Stakes, Progress Chapter 61, BritWres Scandals
Show Details48min 7s
BWE 1/18/18: Introduction
Show Details48min 59s