• Gifts Dancing on the Biscuits?

    In this episode we have a guest join us to talk about healing your inner child. This episode contains serious content and some not so serious content. If you want to hear two twenty year-olds ramble on for 35 minutes, then this is the episode for you. You can find Alex and all her artwork on Instagram at @aleanim!

    36m | Jul 28, 2022
  • Square up at first sight

    #AskWomen BreAnna who is woman... answers questions from her point of view. PSA again DO NOT TOUCH PEOPLE. Be kind to yourself xoxo ~BreAnna

    13m | Jul 11, 2022
  • Brie is a stinky cheese

    I introduce myself, read off weird laws, then talk about the importance of adopting cats right now.

    11m | Jul 6, 2022
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