Breakup Recovery And Beyond With Max Jancar

The Max Jancar Show is a podcast hosted by, as the name implies, Max Jancar. The show's goal is to help people who are undergoing a breakup recover, grow and regain control over their emotions, identity, and life — essentially, become more well-rounded, mature, and resilient individuals.

Episodes will explore a wide variety of topics, all from breakup recovery, relationship, and personal development advice to things like existential and identity dilemmas, grief, pain, trauma, self-worth, and life purpose. 


How To Grow From Your Breakup Pain
Show Details17min 43s
On Finding Yourself Again
Show Details6min 26s
How To Rebuild Your Self Esteem After A Breakup
Show Details19min 46s
How To Be Vulnerable In A Relationship
Show Details19min 24s
Welcome To Breakup Recovery And Beyond With Max Jancar
Show Details5min 12s