Breakup Recovery For Men With Max Jancar

My goal with this podcast: empower men from all walks of life to overcome their breakup, get their mojo back, and move on from their ex (toxic or not) so they can meet someone healthy, compatible and 10x better when they feel ready.

We will talk about in this show how you can successfully deal with your heartbreak pain, rebuild your life from the ground up, and become a better, more attractive man.

We’ll also discuss how you can avoid falling into the cycle of attracting more toxic women and how you can actually find a healthy long term partner amid all the uncertainty dating life brings.

Conclusively, we will do all the above without promoting or preaching about any quick fixes, gimmicks, hype, extreme red pill know-how(even though there is some truth in it), or any new-age law of attraction fluff. 


#15 How To Overcome Feelings Of Worthlessness After A Breakup
Show Details13min 55s
#14 Breakups Through The Lens Of Attachment Theory
Show Details18min 23s
#13 Healing Your Broken Heart With Art Therapy
Show Details14min 43s
#12 How To Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend: 3 Ideas That Will Help, And Maybe Even ChangeYour Life.
Show Details11min 48s
#11 Audio Article: The Ultimate Guide To Compatibility
Show Details19min 9s
#10 Audio Article: How To Rebuild Your Self Esteem After A Breakup
Show Details8min 10s
#09 Audio Article: The Guide To Healthy Boundaries
Show Details41min 32s
#08 Audio Article: Is Your Toxic Ex Actually Toxic? 9 Signs That Will Help You To Know For Sure.
Show Details14min 18s
#07 Audio Article: How To Move On From Your Toxic Ex: The Ultimate Guide To Letting Go Of A Failed Relationship
Show Details43min 55s
#06 Audio Article: Toxic Traits In Dating: 7 Toxic Traits That Should Make You Run Away From Your Date
Show Details13min 53s
#05 Audio Article: Should You Get Back With Your Toxic Ex?
Show Details10min 24s
#04 Audio Article: When A Relationship Ends
Show Details6min 34s
#03 Audio Article: A Short Story On Neglect, Rejection And Change.
Show Details7min 3s
#02 Audio Article: Vulnerability In Dating
Show Details20min 56s
#01 Dating after your breakup or seperation with Jarrod Saxton
Show Details1hr 33min
#00 Introducing The Breakup Recovery Podcast With Max Jancar
Show Details13min 40s