The Identity Journey With Jovonta Howard

28m | Nov 14, 2021

Ashley jumps right in by sharing a snippet of her teaching from the I Am Heir Project created by special guest Javonta Howard. The I Am Heir project is a multicultural team of singers, writers, and musicians who have written songs to capture the experience and perspectives of all people. Through Ashley's teaching, we are reminded of how important it is to receive, understand, and entirely operate in our identity in Christ. Ashley also breaks down the misconceptions about God's promises and why doing things our way can sometimes complicate the journey. Be sure to listen until the end because, following the snippet, Ashley does a special interview with Jovonta. He shares how his passion for music originated and how his struggle with rejection led him to discover his true identity in Christ and helped him become unstoppable. If you stay tuned, you may even get to hear Ashley sing a blues scale and try not to laugh as she talks about her college adventures of navigating through the world of arts and entertainment. She even gives us a quick listen to one of her favorite songs from the I Am Heir live recording. Find out more about Javonta Howard and his I am Heir Project on Instagram @Javonta.h and Facebook @Javonta.howard1

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