Cryptocurrency Conversation with Hill Harper and Najah Roberts

41m | Apr 30, 2021

Ashley interviews special guests Best Selling-Author, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist, Hill Harper. And partner Najah Roberts, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, NFT Expert and Founder/Cvo of Crypto Blockchain Plug. Tune in as Ashley gets the scoop on building wealth and why using money as a tool will change the narrative for your finances. Listen in as they break down cryptocurrency, what it is, and how it works. Hill Harper dives into the importance of financial literacy and the three things every millennial needs to know about bridging the wealth gap. Discover the inspiration behind The Black Wall Street Digital Wallet and how becoming owners changes the narrative for Black America. Najah Roberts reveals why fear keeps people from financial literacy and how seeking God placed her exactly where she needed to be. Be sure to listen until the end as Hill Harper and Najah Roberts discuss their Digital Financial Revolution National Bus Tour and what all of this means for the black community. If you want more information about the digital wallet, visit to get tour dates and discover the importance of honoring the wealth built by our ancestors.

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