Welcome to BRANE WRLD, a podcast which talks about the cosmos, science, desi culture, the queer community and how science is shaping the future. Funny and informative, the host, Neha will rattle your brain with the lamest jokes and the most awe inducting facts. Cheers!


Episode 8: Wait, so it's not Hugs Boson? with Angel Nava
Show Details30min 41s
Episode 7: Per Aspera Ad Astra? with CM Manasvi
Show Details37min 36s
Episode 6: It's a Sci-Fi world after all with Rishabh Saxena
Show Details42min 6s
Episode 5: I gotta say, Birds are rad.
Show Details25min 35s
Episode 4: Trippin or Nah? The Psychology of Dreams
Show Details27min 24s
Episode 3: Witch, Please with Amy Nikitas
Show Details47min 35s
Episode 2: Children of the Rainbow
Show Details25min 1s
Episode 1: We need to talk about Brane World
Show Details25min 27s
Episode 0: The trailer
Show Details1min 7s