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BPD Podcast - Musical Thoughts from a Guy from Astoria, NY

You ever wonder what a kid from Queens, NY thinks about music? Or what he listened to growing up? Not really? Well why don't you try listening to our show? If you like it then please share with at least 1 friend and I will send you something special... my appreciation. What started as an Emo and Pop/Punk podcast is slowly changing to other music genres. And always remember that only you can prevent forest fires.


Adele - 30 / BPD Podcast Series Finale
Show Details1hr 2min
Best Disney Song
Show Details34min 23s
Jurassic Park Movie Review
Show Details59min 8s
Best TV Theme Song
Show Details54min 7s
Best MCU character bracket
Show Details1hr 3min
Greatest Disney Villain Bracket
Show Details55min 6s
Greatest Concert with Megan
Show Details1hr 2min
Another Set of PodDecks with Sophia
Show Details45min 7s
Greatest Classic Disney Movie
Show Details1hr
DJ Bardi
Show Details1hr 9min
Greatest Justin Timberlake Song Bracket
Show Details37min 39s
Justin Timberlake - Season Premiere
Show Details1hr 15min
Songs that turn 25 in 2021 - With Megan - Season 4 Finale
Show Details1hr 21min
How Dare You - PodDecks
Show Details54min 47s
The Interview Deck - PodDecks
Show Details40min 16s
Best Pop Song Ever Bracket
Show Details1hr 4min
Adele - Easy On Me - Emergency Episode
Show Details37min 43s
90's Cartoon Bracket
Show Details47min 43s
The Return of B_Rett_The_Builder
Show Details1hr 45min
2000's One Hit Wonders Bracket
Show Details49min 18s
Greatest Disney Character Bracket
Show Details47min 27s
Greatest Boy Band Bracket
Show Details51min 36s
2012 with Sophia
Show Details55min 46s
The BPD Podcast is interviewed by a 9 year old
Show Details45min 52s
In The Heights
Show Details1hr 7min
2011 with Sophia
Show Details1hr 11min
Boy Band Members That Made it as Solo Artists
Show Details1hr 29min
Movie Buffs with the Hernandez's
Show Details1hr
Selena with Tyty
Show Details1hr 11min
Goo Goo Dolls
Show Details1hr 9min
Movie Night with the Hernandez Family
Show Details1hr 13min
Backstreet Boys
Show Details1hr 24min
Season 4 Premiere - Disney Love Songs
Show Details1hr 29min
One Year Anniversary - Season 3 Finale
Show Details1hr 4min
30 Seconds to Mars
Show Details56min 9s
Favorite Vocalists
Show Details1hr 14min
Show Details1hr 12min
Show Details1hr 2min
Favorite Song Writers
Show Details1hr 31min
Delfino Squared
Show Details1hr 28min
Catching up with the Hernandez's with Pod Decks
Show Details1hr 28min
Chatting about the movie Music and Lyrics
Show Details57min 52s
Hated Songs
Show Details59min 1s
Linkin Park 2.0
Show Details1hr 24min
No Doubt
Show Details1hr 12min
Pod Decks with Sophia - Superheroes All Over Again
Show Details1hr 9min
1990's - Part 1
Show Details1hr 29min
Show Details1hr 28min
Paramore - Without Music Thanks to Anchor
Show Details1hr 19min
Pod Decks - The Superhero Edition
Show Details1hr 32min
Season 3 Premiere - Phil Collins
Show Details1hr 27min
Andrew McMahon
Show Details1hr
Wrapping up 2020 - Season 2 Finale
Show Details1hr 34min
Would You Rather?
Show Details38min 38s
Show Details1hr 3min
Show Details41min 47s
The Greatest Showman
Show Details56min 48s
Show Details45min 54s
Matchbook Romance 2.0
Show Details58min 52s
Show Details56min 39s
The Script
Show Details47min 59s
Andy Jordan - Matchbook Romance
Show Details1hr 7min
Matchbook Romance - Voices
Show Details48min 40s
Show Details1hr 9min
Show Details52min 3s
What the Heck with the Hernandez Family
Show Details35min 5s
Show Details1hr 7min
Get to Know Dre
Show Details41min 41s
Anthematic Songs
Show Details57min 6s
Uncover the Covers - Season 1 Finale
Show Details1hr 54min
Show Details45min 25s
Marcus Pennington - California Emo Collective
Show Details2hr 9min
2005 - Ultimate Guide
Show Details1hr 13min
Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack
Show Details1hr 23min
Show Details1hr 11min
Mayday Parade with Poolstick Guitar
Show Details1hr 29min
2003 with Kelly, Brett, Laurens and Me
Show Details1hr 25min
Linkin Park
Show Details1hr 27min
Dashboard Confessional
Show Details1hr 29min
One Hit Wonders
Show Details1hr 21min
Fall Out Boy - Take This To Your Grave
Show Details57min 48s
Taking Back Sunday with Mama Bear
Show Details40min 32s
Tell All Your Friends - Taking Back Sunday
Show Details1hr 16min
Page Avenue by Story of the Year
Show Details56min 7s
Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard
Show Details1hr 3min
Brett Intro
Show Details1hr 2min
My feeble attempt at a podcast - Matchbook Romance
Show Details32min 3s