Boy With A Mic Podcast

Hi! I'm Bryce Bandales and I am the host for Boy With A Mic Podcast! I'm gonna be 100% honest with you, this podcast is the unfiltered version of me. I open up about my mental health, my struggles, and my triumphs; sometimes we play games on the podcast too! It's a fun time and I hope you enjoy listening to my story and I hope you learn something from my crazy, introspective self!


If you are lost and hopeless...listen to this | Episode 10
Show Details5min 22s
My Finest Storytelling | Episode 9
Show Details20min 35s
The Power of Dance | Episode 8
Show Details13min 6s
it's okay to not be okay | Episode 7
Show Details14min 35s
Dealing with Change | Episode 6
Show Details10min 30s
How Avatar: The Last Airbender and Minecraft can teach GRATITUDE in 2020 | Episode 5
Show Details11min 36s
Social Life in University vs. Community College feat. Sophia Baez | Episode 4
Show Details50min 21s
Understanding My Confidence | Episode 3
Show Details18min 1s
Inspiring the Next Generation (ft. My Best Friend) | Episode 2
Show Details47min 55s
How to Deal with a Negative Mindset | Episode 1
Show Details19min 13s
Boy With A Mic Podcast | Episode 0
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