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Sales Mastery with Jeff Bounds

The sales game continues to change at a rapid pace and most salespeople are not prepared for what lies ahead. Old strategies and the majority of sales training doesn't work. Consumers have more knowledge than ever and major for error in the sales process is razor thin.

This podcast will provide valuable knowledge that will help you create better conversations, massive rapport and ultimately close more deals.

This is not for average performers, but for those that want to transform their persuasion and negotiation skills. If you commit to applying this knowledge your earning potential and career will catapult to the next level.

About Jeff Bounds:

Jeff Bounds has been an elite performer in the sales space for the past 27 years. He has generated over $35 million dollars in personal sales revenue and helped influence over $500 million for his clients.

Jeff helped Grant Cardone build an international coaching and consulting division to his $100 million dollar sales training business.

He is a highly sought after consultant and coach who focuses on companies and executives that want to increase revenue, build their brand, and scale their organization.

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