Ep 6. I Am Stemplayer

Episode 6
45m | Mar 15, 2022


  • Movies
  • ‘I Am Legend’ Next Chapter: Will Smith & Michael B. Jordan To Star & Produce Together For First Time
  • Predator: prey
  • Doctor Sleep Was good but too long. Lore overload.
  • I heard the new batman is long. Hate long movies
  • Music
  • Kanye west makes bank on stem player. Wont be added to billboard
  • Catch up (album):
  • Tv/shows
  • Secrets of Playboy
  • Pam and Tommy
  • Games
  • Gran Turismo 7’s microtransactions are live, and GT Sports’ $5 cars now cost $40 
  • Frustrations with with badly placed microtransactions

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