Welcome to borderline UNCOMFORTABLE! We created this podcast to encourage conversations around topics that might make us a little, well, uncomfortable. Should we have kids? How often do I examine my mental health? What are my sexual fantasies? And more . . .

Let's talk about it. That's how we'll get better at being better.


Should We Set Some Boundaries? - 11
Show Details1hr 13min
How Does That Make You Feel? - 10
Show Details1hr 32min
Do You Have a Moment to Save Diversity? - 09
Show Details1hr 4min
Are You More Comfortable Now? - 08
Show Details52min 40s
Can We Choose What We Believe? - 07
Show Details1hr 1min
Am I a Certified Freak? - 06
Show Details1hr 5min
Pop Quiz! Who Are You? - 05
Show Details55min 8s
Am I in a Toxic Relationship? - 04
Show Details51min 12s
Did Our Parents Mess Us Up? - 03
Show Details58min 31s
Should We Have Kids? - 02
Show Details54min 19s
What Makes YOU Uncomfortable? - 01
Show Details42min 22s