Bookish Creation

This Podcast will be looking at all things bookish love. We will be talking about romance book hypes, romance book reviews, romance book discussions, and so much more. We will also have some writer's tips episodes in this podcast.


Season 1 EP 20 Bookish Book Hype Stolen Love By Charmaine Pauls
Show Details22min 39s
Season 1 EP: 19 Bookish Book Hype Stolen Life By Charmaine Pauls
Show Details23min 55s
Season 1 EP 18: Book Review for Stolen Love by Charmaine Pauls
Show Details12min 24s
Season 1 EP 17: Bookish Book Hype Stolen Lust by Charmaine Pauls
Show Details21min 47s
Season 1 Ep 16 Writers Tips: Blurb Writing
Show Details37min 38s
Season 1 EP 15 Special Guest Author Evangeline Anderson Secret Santa Surprise Bookish Book Hype
Show Details1hr 1min
Season 1 EP 14 This one's for the Book Bloggers. All about the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin
Show Details16min 47s
Season 1 EP 13 Bookish Book Hype Diamonds are Forever By Charmaine Pauls
Show Details24min 22s
Season 1 EP 12 Bookish Book Hype Wall Street Titan Duet By Anna Zaires
Show Details23min 18s
Season 1 EP 11 Bookish Book Hype Caged Trilogy by Francesca Baez
Show Details21min 15s
Season 1 EP 10 Bookish Book Hype Prey By L.V. Lane
Show Details25min 58s
Season 1 EP 9 Bookish Book Hype: Diamonds In The Rough By Charmaine Pauls
Show Details27min 49s
Season 1 EP 8 Bookish Book Hype: Omega Awakening By L.V. Lane
Show Details27min 48s
Season 1 EP 7 Darker Than Love By Anna Zaires & Charmaine Pauls Book Review
Show Details16min 18s
Season 1 EP 6 - Wall Street Titan By Anna Zaires Book Review
Show Details15min 43s
Season 1 EP 5- Writing Tips: Self Editing Tips
Show Details30min 52s
Season 1 EP 4 Dark Illusion by Christine Feehan Book Review
Show Details14min 52s
Season 1 EP 3- The Highland Outlaw Bookish Book Hype
Show Details23min 19s
Season 1, Ep 2- Writing Tips: Plotting Techniques
Show Details17min 37s
Tormentor Mine box sets Bookish Book Hype
Show Details19min 36s