Soncier is Bluntkonscious

Bluntkonscious was created to inform listeners about social, political , health, spiritual and financial awareness using music hiphop/R&B/jazz etc). The twist to this show is that every topic is uncut and impromptu . Soncier ( the host) freestyles every episode with the intent to educate & entertain you. In between the freestyles he plugs in conscious health brands and delivers a dialogue of enlightenment. Connect with soncier here


BluntKonscious S1 Episode 9- Trials and Vaccinations
Show Details52min 35s
Bluntkonscious S1 Episode 8 Grate Resette
Show Details12min 21s
Bluntkonscious S1 Episode 7 Ekonomik Chyft
Show Details40min 8s
BluntKonscious S1 Episode 6- Rhekalabrayte
Show Details51min 6s
BluntKonscious S1 Episode 5- Rhaleace
Show Details31min 39s
BluntKonscious S1 Episode 4- Ahave Fayf
Show Details24min 49s
BluntKonscious S1 Episode 3- Spearaycle Chunday
Show Details20min 40s
BluntKonscious S1 Episode 1 - PropaDemic
Show Details17min 27s
BluntKonscious S1 Episode 2 - SporadicThoughts
Show Details21min 10s