Blowin The Cartridge

Blowin the cartridge is the podcast about reviewing obscure, underrated or just personal favorite games of mine in a comedic roasting style to poke fun at the game of the episode while showing my appreciation for it by recommending the game to you the viewer.

The main goal behind this podcast is to build a community for people to discuss their favorite games or even new games they haven't played without feeling the need to explain the lore in one go to somebody who could care less.

We all been there before wanting to share that obscure game in the real world only to be met with blank stares or no reaction at all... That sucks!!! so lets fix that be sure to follow my socials here Instagram: and follow my YouTube channel: and here's my reddit: u/theblackautismo

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Blowin The Cartridge: The Legend of Zelda but it's Slime tank battles (Dragon Quest Rocket Slime) #4
Show Details17min 40s
Blowin The Cartridge: The Aquatic Baby game!?! (The Legendary Starfy 5)
Show Details8min 47s
Blowin The Cartridge: The Pokémon inspired RPG autobattler nobody knows (Medabots Rokoshu Version) #2
Show Details14min 17s
Blowin The Cartridge: Golden Sun with a side of Desert Rant #1
Show Details11min 1s
Blowin The Cartridge: Trailer Zero
Show Details1min 57s