Hello BBs! Season 3 is Here!

Season 3
1h 15m | Mar 3, 2023

Happy 2023 and "season 3" of Bloodbath! No it was never our intention to go seasonally, but mental health does matter we found out... LOL we knew that, but ya know what we mean!

This episode we go over where we have been, what's been going on, engagements! babies! why we have gone seasonal, some past things that happened, and then caught up on some true crime current events!

We are so excited to be back!


Contact: Please be sure to add the correct “subject title” as that is how we find these emails and stay on top of things. We are a 2 women show! Thank you! 

  • General case recommendations subject title: Case Suggestion 
  • Directly related/close to a victim and would like their case covered subject title: Victim Awareness Help
  • Did we cover a case that is ongoing and could harm a trial subject title: Potential Trial Harm
  • Do you have a true crime story or something spooky that's happened? subject title “bathbomb” 

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