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Field to Fantasy

Field to Fantasy is Fantasy Football from a relatable perspective! Just a few guys who love the game and have played for years giving their takes and opinions! Join us as we mock draft, debate rankings, and discuss everything football!


Field 2 Fantasy EP6: What Player Am I + Top 12 Tight Ends! - 8/9 Fantasy Football Podcast
Show Details46min 47s
Field 2 Fantasy EP5: 2v2 Head to Head Mock Draft + Deshaun Watson Suspension! - 8/1 Fantasy Football Podcast
Show Details50min 1s
Field 2 Fantasy EP4: Top 12 WR Rankings + Start Bench Cut! - 7/14 Fantasy Football Podast
Show Details56min 54s
Mailbag! Boom or Bust Players + Who are Must Drafts? - 7/10 Fantasy Football Podcast
Show Details28min 19s
Field 2 Fantasy EP3: Top 12 RB Rankings + Baker Mayfield to the Panthers! - 7/7 Fantasy Football Podcast
Show Details56min 13s
Field 2 Fantasy EP2: Top 12 QB Rankings + Scary Terry Gets The Bag! - 7/5 Fantasy Football Podcast
Show Details55min 10s
Tomahawk Talk EP1! Chiefs Trivia + Tyreek Hill + What WRs Make the Roster? - 6/23 NFL Podcast
Show Details52min 20s
Field 2 Fantasy EP1: Head to Head Mock! Full Twelve Team Mock Draft - 6/16 Fantasy Football Podcast
Show Details55min 10s