Welcome to BLKBLOOD VOICES! This podcast was inspired by the success of Ras Jaffee Judah first book Blkblood (From Prison To Prayer Through Poetry).

The mission of this podcast is to highlight individuals with a criminal background and successful businesses. 

BLKBLOOD VOICES will provide a new host each season that will narrate thought-provoking conversations with their natural style, charisma, and good energy for each interview. 

As many as two-thirds of the more than 650,000 ex-offenders released from U.S. prisons and jails each year will be arrested for a new crime within three years, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

A leading cause of recidivism: Ex-cons find it nearly impossible to get a job. With no income and few work options, they return to crime. 

Our vision is to reduce the rate of recidivism in the United States providing a platform for entrepreneurs with a creative past.