Bleacher Bets Podcast

Tommy Buns and crew cover all things betting for Bleacher Fan Sports. Guys obsessed with sports betting, looking at it through a comedic lens. Providing valuable insight on how to bet games backed by stats, trends, and a little intuition. Taking a look at every sport, releasing multiple episodes a week, everything from picks, to bad beats to crazy industry news, Bleacher Bets covers it all.


NFL Pick 'Em #6 - Conference Championships
Show Details38min 22s
NFL Pick 'Em #5 - Divisional Round
Show Details26min 51s
CFB/NFL Pick 'Em #5 - Wild Card Weekend and CFB Natty
Show Details30min 17s
NFL Pick 'Em #3 - Week 17
Show Details23min 39s
NFL Pick 'Em #3 - Week 16
Show Details27min 7s
CFB Pick 'Em #3 - Bowl Games Part 1
Show Details16min 15s
NFL Pick Em #2 - Week 15
Show Details24min 16s
CFB Pick Em #2 - Conference Championship Weekend
Show Details16min 49s
NFL Week 15 Pick 'Em
Show Details30min 52s
College Football Week 15 Pick 'Em
Show Details15min 14s